Celebrate a Year of Fresh Faces With ‘Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection’

Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection

Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection gives us a comprehensive taste of the artists who will one day rule the industry!

Since January of 2021, Anjunabeats Rising has been delivering fresh new tunes every single month from the artists set to take over the game as the superstars of the future. Each EP has boasted six tracks that made us groove, pulled out emotion, and got us talking. Now, as the year winds down and we look to a musically prosperous 2022, Anjunabeats has gathered up all of the tracks and combined them into one massive collection so that we may relive all the magic.

Anjunabeats Rising 20221 Collection features a solid 36 tracks, kicking off the party with Tygris’Wildflower.” This opener offers a seven-minute dive down the rabbit hole, getting the gears spinning and the anticipation brewing for the brilliance that’s to come. With our muscles all warmed up and ready to work, tracks like “Sisu” by Paul Arcane, “Life On Fire” by BUDD, and “We Don’t Stop” by Co.Fi inspire us to hit the dancefloor throwing all inhibitions to the wind.

Of course, there are also the tunes that wrap us in intense love like “Beautiful” by MeHiLove and “Desire” by Oesha while we visit the opposite end of the spectrum with Naz & Deanna Leigh’sUnderwater” and Alex Sonata & TheRio’s Time.” These two tracks deliver us into the dark to romp with subterranean creatures of the abyss. But, if it’s an out-of-this-world adventure you’re looking for we certainly can’t leave out the tracks that sent us to the moon to mix and mingle with shiny celestial beings, like “Void” by OTIOT & Lovlee, “Glaze” by The Madison, and Dylhen’s Wanderlust.”

You can also find quite a few artists on this compilation who have already established a solid foundation for themselves like Notaker, a brilliant beatmaker from St. Louis who’s knocked our socks off at events like Freaky Deaky and Global Dance Festival. We also can’t turn a blind eye to Universal Soundz’ Mike Saint-Jules, a lover of vinyl who has been crushing the scene on labels like FSOE, ASOT, Flashover, and Black Hole. Naturally, there’s a spot for Stephan Kirkwood, a man of the underground, respected by industry leaders including Carl Cox and Alan Fitzpatrick, who has graced the decks at iconic venues such as Ministry of Sound and Privilege Ibiza.

As you can see, talent runs deep within this pack of music aficionados and whatever your pleasure, Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection has got you covered. By the time you reach the final breakbeat on GVN’s I Don’t,” you WILL be ready to spin back around and begin the journey once more. Lucky for you, Anjunabeats has no plan on stopping their Rising series any time soon and we can only begin to imagine who will step up to the plate for their breakthrough in 2022.

Cheers to all who made their rise this year and, as always, keep on dancing. Grab your copy of Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection via Anjunabeats Music Store or your favorite music platform, stream the album below, and let us know about your favorite tracks in the comment section!

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Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection – Tracklist:

  1. Tygris – WildFlower
  2. Dokho – The Journey
  3. Naz & Deanna Leigh – Underwater
  4. Chris Schambacher – For Your Love
  5. Nourey & ZOYA – All Night
  6. MeHiLove – Beautiful
  7. Dylhen – Wanderlust
  8. Product Of Us – Taste The Water
  9. HRRTZ & SHELLS – Keep Going
  10. Mavros – Abyss
  11. Apollo Nash – Need You
  12. Francesco Sambero & Madeleine Wood – Forget
  13. Paul Arcane – Sisu
  14. Hausman – Control
  15. SONIN – Titan
  16. March 13 – Just Be
  17. BUDD – Life On Fire
  18. Notaker – Stratus
  19. Aiobahn – Tonite
  20. K-MRK & Harry Diamond – Inner Ghosts
  21. Mike Saint-Jules – Flares
  22. The Madison – Glaze
  23. Oesha & Almero – Desire
  24. Co.Fi – We Don’t Stop
  25. Bexxie – In Your Hands
  26. Dimibo – Amani
  27. Parallels – Home
  28. OTIOT & Lovlee – Void
  29. Chris Giuliano – Running With The Wind (feat. Natalie Major)
  30. CloudNone – Pressure
  31. Alex Sonata & TheRio – Time
  32. FSHO – On & On (feat. Louise Rademakers)
  33. Stephan Kirkwood – Gaslighter
  34. Euphoric Nation & Michael Fearon – Stranger (feat. Lya Adams)
  35. Amy Wiles – Biding Time
  36. GVN – I Don’t
Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection

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