Lamorn Stirs Up Nostalgia on Debut EP ‘Encore’

Lamorn | Photo Credit: Tony Aguilera
Lamorn | Photo Credit: Tony Aguilera

Through vibrant chords and immersive soundscapes across its eight tracks, deadmau5’s protégé Lamorn tells his story with Encore – and yours too.

Propelled forward with substantial praise and support from dance music icon deadmau5, up-and-coming dance music producer Lamorn consistently continues to plow forward into the depths of the scene. Over the course of this year, the rising star has provided a glimpse into his creative mind with the release of singles such as “Between Us,” “Lonely Light,” and “Physical Layer,” which was his debut on mau5trap. Now, after freshly tucking “some of the craziest, most overwhelming (in the best way possible), insane couple nights” of performances under his belt, Lamorn has finally unveiled his debut EP, Encore.

Out now on mau5trap, this eight-track release lives up to every expectation this dance music artist set in the months prior. It’s sentimental, with Lamorn calling Encore “a body of work that is a reflection of my childhood, all the memories that I miss, but also a representation of my excitement for the future” on Twitter the day of its release. And to add even more to the release, his vocals are featured throughout the EP, only joined by Molly Otto on “Lonely Light,” its final track.

If you’re a sucker for any tunes that get you feeling sentimental, this project truly provided the perfect soundtrack to blissful flashbacks of jumping on the trampoline, blasting music out of your iHome speakers, and smiling so hard your face hurt. Be sure to check out Encore on your favorite streaming platform and read on for a deeper dive into why this release stirred up some serious nostalgia.

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The Encore EP kicks off with its title track that is so incredibly groovy it hooks you instantaneously.

From its first seconds, “Encore” transports you to the dancefloor and lowers the disco ball to set the vibe. Featuring lyrics both written and performed by the man behind the music, this track is the perfect mix between synthy melodic funk and early 2010’s alternative rock (think Phoenix meets Madeon). Moving forward into the rest of the EP, bits and pieces of each track begin to induce consistent feelings of familiarity. Nostalgic sounds permeate its tracks and stir up memories of listening to artists like Daft Punk, Empire of the Sun, deadmau5, Passion Pit, and Tame Impala for the first time.

A prime example of this can be found within “Ordinary,” a track that is anything but its namesake. It’s arguably the best example of Lamorn’s talent when it comes to taking a strong alternative rock influence and using it to create electronic bliss. With a notable bassline that pays incredible tribute to the sound of psychedelic rock, this song builds up from a sweet, simple, and synthy intro into a complex dance track that has a place in any feel-good playlist.

Missing Voices” is sure to be a favorite amongst any fan of old-school Lemaitre, so much so that I wish I could go back a decade and show it to my younger self. But as well as being reminiscent of sounds of the years past, it’s also reminiscent of the time Lamorn spent creating the project. How? Be sure to listen to this track twice – once on your first listen of Encore, and then again once you’re finished with it. “Missing Voices” includes snippets of other songs on the EP, making your second listen feel a little extra familiar – only this time it’s not just the influence of other artists, it’s the influence of Lamorn himself.

Local Sentiment” paints a dream-like atmosphere with its tranquil intro and soft vocals building gradually into an immersive track. A diverse lineup of perfectly coordinated sounds all work together in harmony to create a song that continues to carry the joy of the past initiated in Encore’s beginning tracks onward through the project. I could practically feel myself stepping off the bus on the last day of school and running straight for the swing set in the backyard of my own “old place.” Of all the songs on Encore, “Local Sentiment” is my favorite – not only because it’s damn near impossible not to boogie to, but because it truly validates the nostalgia felt through the rest of the EP with Lamorn telling you in his own words that he feels it too. 

Encore is an impressively curated project so inspiring and danceable that it’s nearly impossible to sit still through, practically begging you to get off your feet and dance with it.

This release is exceptionally well-crafted and reminiscent of so many established artists, yet brings its own unique, individual style that makes Lamorn and his substantially notable debut stand out from the crowd. Encore evokes all the best emotions, whether deep introspective nostalgia or simple unadulterated joy, and true to its namesake, leaves you practically leaping out of your seat in thunderous applause, loudly demanding more.

Lamorn – Encore – Tracklist:

  1. Encore
  2. Missing Voices
  3. Physical Layer
  4. Ordinary
  5. Local Sentiment
  6. Between Us – Reprise
  7. Between Us
  8. Lonely Light
Lamorn Encore EP

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