Get ‘Primal’ With TRIGO’s New EP


It’s impossible to resist the Primal urge to take a ride on some bassy waves while listening to TRIGO’s new atmospheric EP.

Rising producer TRIGO has left a lasting impression on listeners since first emerging on the scene. Having worked with vibe.Digital and Electric Hawk in the past, he’s now looked to the Gravitas family for his latest release, Primal, which is out now and brings a plethora of immersive bass tracks filled to the brim with storytelling elements throughout.

The EP comes with six tracks featuring waving bass, hip hop elements, and a newfound adoration for the intricate combination of space and bass music. “Relic,” starts us off as the most dancey track of the collection. The song is filled with hidden melodies and the beat bounces, allowing space for head bobbing and natural rhythm to take over. Filled with wubs – the only word that describes the reverberation in the track – “Relic” is scenic and sets listeners off on a journey through space and time.

The next song, “Instinct,” adds in more hip-hop influence for an interesting shift. Distorted vocals spitting rap verses are melded with classic dance melodies to create its unique sound. The song includes clashing hi-hats that break up the drops while still remaining submerged in an aerospace drama. “Ancient Mysteries” follows soon after and breaks up the fast-paced tempo and slides into something almost tropical, like if you were at a tiki bar in space. If chat-room/lobby music had more melodic synths resembling an outer space aesthetic, that’s what this song resembles, and it makes for a good moment to take a breath in the middle of the release.

Hold Up” is a great title for the next song that trickles in more hip-hop sounds and trap beats. From the start, deep vocals spit verses but instead of leading into the drop, something else happens. Just before the beat breaks and the song hits its peak, an isolated female A.I. voice comes in, adding that extraterrestrial element before the drop breaks loose. Then, “Midnight Canopy” is back to cool things down a bit. Higher, bouncier notes ring in the background, bubbling back and forth; like the two sounds are discussing a secret behind closed doors. Smooth transitions into melodic bridges and shifts make for the lightest drops in the EP.

Closing things down, “Primordial” ominously weaves and wanders further into the discovery of something more. Whispering, distorted vocals almost chant their way through the silence of space, sounding foreign, but also familiar. This track is a great depiction of diving into unfamiliar territory and discovering something completely new and raw. It also leaves the door open for interpretation and wonder.

Listen to TRIGO’s Primal on Spotify or your preferred platform and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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TRIGO – Primal – Tracklist:

  1. Relic ft. Kohnsu
  2. Instinct
  3. Ancient Mysteries
  4. Hold Up
  5. Midnight Canopy
  6. Primordial

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