Ternion Sound Will Make You Want to Spin Back Each Track on New EP

Ternion Sound

Ternion Sound shows fans why they fell in love with their vision of the music scene on their latest EP, Illusory Contours.

As the year winds down it’s clear to see that the “three-headed beast” of bass music, Ternion Sound, has shown why they reign in the category of can’t-miss acts. The trio has won over bass fans near and far with music that pushes boundaries and pays respect to the genre’s roots simultaneously – something that all music lovers can admire. With releases on labels like Deep Dark & Dangerous and Chestplate accompanied by appearances at festivals such as The Untz and Infrasound, it’s easy to see their success is well-documented and only continues to grow.

As Ternion Sound keeps pushing forward with their Avant-garde production styles, it seems like they simultaneously dive further back into the sounds of the past. With a successful past behind them and a bright future ahead, the trio has now looked to Hypho’s label Manuka for the release of their latest EP, Illusory Contours, that highlights a sound they look forward to hearing more of in 2022.

Illusory Contours takes a deep dive into experimental dimensions combining breaks, dubstep, garage, and that Ternion Sound twist fans know and love. The trio’s immense skills paired perfectly with some UK influence, thanks to Nottingham veteran Vandull, to make this EP on that’s sure to have any bass lover’s attention.

Listen to Illusory Contours on Spotify, download or stream the release on your preferred platform, and keep reading to hear our thoughts on the EP!

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Ternion Sound summons listeners to join their following with Illusory Contours.

The Summoning” lives true to its name. With a combination of the eerie unknown plus crave-worthy breakbeats, it feels as if you’re being summoned by the music and you can’t help but fall into its clutches. The only collab on the EP, “Watch” arrives next with all eyes willingly on it. Right out the gate, Vandull catches your attention with his grimy flow. With a more tame background production, it allows you to truly fall into the lyrics and follow along with Vandull’s fervid words.

Switching up the pace, “Just Want U Close” comes in next on the EP. Ternion Sound shows off some of their garage influence mixed in with the lyrics that name the title on this one. It will give you the courage to grab the person you want close to you and dance with them in sexy harmony.

Then, the title track “Illusory Contours” enters speakers and Ternion Sound clearly set for stun on this one. You can tell that this trio birthed the track into the world in the first few seconds of pressing play as it’s infused with textures that they do best. With the Ternion twist present throughout its runtime, all who willingly listen are sure to fall into their own illusions through sound.

Illusory Contours is just another example of just how ground-shifting Ternion Sound truly is.

History repeats itself and Ternion Sound continues to show why they’re so widely followed in today’s bass music scene. The trio keeps setting the bar higher as they bring an incredible amount of diversity in their music while still infusing more timeless sounds into the mix. We don’t know about you, but we’re counting down the days until the Ternion Sound two-day NYE event at The Black Box in Denver so we can hear these tracks and more played out live!

Ternion Sound – Illusory Contours – Tracklist:

  1. The Summoning
  2. Watch ft. Vandull
  3. Just Want U Close
  4. Illusory Contours
Ternion Sound - Illusory Contours

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