ENiGMA Dubz and Vandull Join Forces on ‘Don’t Care’ EP

ENiGMA Dubz x Vandull

Production aficionado ENiGMA Dubz and Vandull combine their expertise in sound and lyricism on their collaborative EP, Don’t Care.

For anyone heavily involved in the bass scene, ENiGMA Dubz and Vandull are names that need no introduction. ENiGMA Dubz has been gracing fans with his never-ending versatility with his wide range of genre production. While Vandull has been laying it down over countless deep dubstep tunes with his hard-hitting flow. When combined, these two are a force that is absolutely unstoppable. And that’s exactly what happened on Don’t Care, the latest EP on ENiGMA Dubz imprint, Morii Records.

Don’t Care is a two-track EP that aims to shine a light on the stigma centered around men’s mental health as well as Vandull’s own experiences growing up in Nottingham. ENiGMA Dubz puts forth his thematic production skills to intense emotions and really making listeners step back and think as they listen to each track found within this EP. Between the deep, moving lyrics and the melodies they’re weaved in between, this is an EP everyone should listen to.

The EP begins with the title track, “Don’t Care,” which focuses on the decline of mental health, and the men that feel the need to hide it. “Mental health declining, on the edge, I’m climbing, living in hell the shining, never can help the timing but I’m never whining.” You can feel the emotion these two poured into this track, from the lyrics to the slow, melancholy bass-filled soundscapes. It’s heart-wrenching, yet mind-opening, and instantly sweeps listeners up in the hypnotizing ENiGMA Dubz beat.

Wonder” is a reflection of some of the darker times Vandull went through, and he opens the track by speaking on memories of growing up in Nottingham. “Sometimes I wonder why, I’ve had so much drama I could have died… all from the choices made from and the issues that underlie, but now I’m not living under the lies that I suffered by.” You almost have to take a deep breath while listening to this track, hearing the pain and power behind Vandull’s voice, mixed with the sound elements from ENiGMA Dubz will tug at listeners’ souls. There’s a blend of celestial sounds that carry throughout the track, which then ends on a heavier, yet melodic note.

When Luke (Vandull) approached me to collaborate on these two tracks, I couldn’t wait to get moving on it. He’s one of the most talented MCs in the UK underground right now – recently working with one of my heroes, Coki, and I produced his rowdy Pussio track back in February 2020.

This time round, Luke wanted to do something moodier and more emotionally intense – as it was after he went through some tough personal issues. The result is these two cold, dark, and moody grime / UK hip hop tracks – with deep bass flavours showing my dubstep roots. I’m super proud of them and feel privileged to get these out on my new label, Morii Records.


Don’t Care is an incredible work of art. It’s such a beautiful and powerful thing when an artist can expand your mind and make you feel the deepest emotions, and ENiGMA Dubz and Vandull seamlessly do just that. Purchase or stream the EP on your preferred music platform and let us know what your thoughts are about it in the comments!

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ENiGMA Dubz Vandull Don't Care EP

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