Journey Through Central America With Akriza’s Latest Album


Akriza uses his transformative experience in Central America as his muse for his sophomore album, Templo Sagrado!

Akriza is a rising star from Portland who prides himself on translating the beauty of the world into music that ignites the spirit. Influenced by industry greats including CloZee and ODESZA, he knows how to make an impression whether it be through massive peak hour bangers or emotional vocal mood setters. After releasing his debut album, Ecstatic Motion, in 2020, his engine has been firing on all cylinders and he’s come back around with his second album, Templo Sagrado – a brilliant package of beats that took him all over Central America for inspiration.

Templo Sagrado means “Sacred Temple,” and within the album’s 10 tracks, you can clearly see that Akriza dove deep into the ancient Mayan culture throughout his visit. One of the tracks, “Tikal” was in fact written on top of a temple in the rainforest of northern Guatemala. From beginning to end, you can feel the spirits dancing through every bold beat and hypnotic melody, placing your imagination front and center to witness the magic of the ancient civilization.

It should also be noted that each song was created to help the listener become more introspective and walk through life with kindness and love. That being said, Akriza also asks you to, “allow your body to move freely and express itself. Let the music enter your heart and allow you to drop out of your mind and deeper into your soul.” Finally, as you listen to each gorgeously organic soundwave pay attention because you’ll discover a fine balance between “light and dark, earth and sky, feminine and masculine, ancient and future.”

If you’re ready for the expedition, grab your copy of Templo Sagrado on your favorite music platform, stream the album below, and let us know what you think in the comment section!

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Akriza – Templo Sagrado – Tracklist:

  1. Be Kind, Love More
  2. Atitlan Magica
  3. Are We Dreaming
  4. Shakti Awakening
  5. Tikal
  6. Akriza & The Rad Hatter – Tuluminati
  7. Jump
  8. Get You Off My Mind
  9. Downtemple
  10. Listen To Me
Akriza - Templo Sagrado

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