Of The Trees Takes Us on a Mesmeric Journey with ‘The Tale Of Elegos’

Of The Trees

Of The Trees showcases his captivating storytelling capabilities through natural soundscapes and calming lyrics in The Tale of Elegos.

Producer and visual artist Tyler Coombs, also known as Of The Trees, has been working hard to say the very least. Not only has he been sitting on copious amounts of new tunes, but he’s also been diving deep into his own visual escapes to go alongside the magical music he creates. This talented producer continues to grow his platform in the music scene, so it comes as no surprise that he also keeps expanding his reach further into the community.

Earlier this month, Of The Trees teased his latest body of work, The Tale of Elegos, with the emotive track “Windhorse” with Sophie Marks – and all anyone has been able to obsess over is what else he had up his sleeve. Today, he proudly released that EP on the mysterious label Memory Palace to further showcase an exciting new chapter in his career that predicates visual and intentional artistry.

With the help of Bülent Gültek on the artwork, The Tale of Elegos is the perfect introduction to this new journey he has in store, and lucky for us it is now available for ears and eyes to indulge in. Tyler said himself that this is by far his proudest work to date, and from the enticing sounds that tell a story within the EP to the mind-expanding artwork, it’s a masterpiece through and through.

The moment is finally here! Stream The Tale of Elegos on Spotify or your preferred streaming service and continue reading for my interpretation of the first EP to come forth from the newest chapter of Of The Trees’ story.

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Of The Trees said The Tale of Elegos is his proudest work to date, and once you press play it will be easy to understand why.

The story begins with sounds that represent the tale of “Alcyone” the Greek goddess who, in grief over the death of her husband, threw herself into the sea and transformed into a kingfisher, which is a bird known for its brilliant coloration. When the first chords come in you feel a brief sense of uneasiness and sorrow that quickly subsides once you’re surrounded by the comforting sounds of running water and an array of bird songs. As the song progresses you can sense the power Alcyone must have experienced in her transformation. You can feel the sadness turn into strength, growth, and beauty.

“Windhorse” greets us with the familiar ambient sounds of nature that we know and love from Of The Trees. Paired with thought-provoking lyrics, sung gracefully by Sophie Marks, you have musical magic unfold right in your ears. The legend of the Windhorse is known for carrying prayers from the earth to the gods using the strength and speed of the wind. It’s believed to possess an energy that carries colossal power to the lives of all beings who come into contact with the wind. Like the path of a breeze, life is known to be everchanging, but there’s comfort with songs like this by our side, reassuring us that within change there is solace to meet all who feel the touch of the wind.

Kala and Of The Trees bring a change of pace by provoking desire within their listeners with the middle track on the EP.

The third chapter brings forth a more seductive side when it begins. With synths and maracas that will make anyone’s hips want to move along in harmony, “Bellmaker” brings forth the feeling of desire – especially once the ever-so-enticing lyrics from Kala fall into play. Just when you think the song is about to end, you’re grounded by poetry. Illustrated by a calming woman’s voice, the ending words, “I’ll be ready. When it’s my time my spirit will guide me to the other side. When it’s my time I’ll leave it behind me, another life,” will be sure to spread goosebumps all over your body now and well into the future.

Continuing the energy left behind from the last song, “I’ll Be Ready” begins with soothing trickling water accompanied by angelic humming. You feel as if you are being surrounded by a beaming light that is washing away all of your worries. Coming in to meet this uplifting intertwinement, Of The Trees made sure to remind listeners that he still has bass running through his veins. After a few moments of getting lost in the ethereal sounds a whistle and his signature coin flip drops right as the compelling words of Mary Corso enter the room dripping with emotion. Showing us that bass and intention can coincide, this song is sure to shine a new light on bass music. Bass music with a greater purpose behind its narrative.

With a soundscape that begins by arousing the feeling as if you are hazily realizing you are awake within a dream, “Elegos” wraps up this beautiful rejuvenating narrative with a bang. After bringing you into this dream state of mind for a brief moment you are pleasantly caught off guard when the beat makes a changeup. This switch-up brings us the harmony of light energy interlocked with grounding downtempo bass influence once again as it guides listeners back down to Earth to try to piece together the journey they have just embarked on. The perfect end to the perfect beginning.

It’s clear to see that this EP is one of a kind and it’s only the first of many visions Of The Trees has in mind for music to come. With ground-breaking artists like Tyler in the scene, the possibility of more music with a greater intention is on the horizon, something we all could use a little more of – music that heals.

Of The Trees – The Tale of Elegos – Tracklist:

  1. Alcyone (Intro)
  2. Windhorse Ft. Sophie Marks
  3. The Bellmaker Ft. Kala
  4. I’ll Be Ready Ft. Mary Corso
  5. Elegos
Of The Trees - The Tale Of Elagos
Artwork: Bülent Gültek

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