Ørjan Nilsen Focuses on Self-Care and Releases “Memoirs”

Ørjan Nilsen

Ørjan Nilsen raises mental health awareness by sharing a deeply personal story and brings back his DJ Governor moniker with “Memoirs”!

The year was 2020, one that will surely go down in infamy. It brought nothing but tragedy, strife, heartache, and fear – and the world quickly came to terms with the human condition being so fragile and fleeting. Coming out of it, we’ve stepped into an era where mental health is at the forefront of our daily grind, and reaching out for help has become less of a stigma and more encouraged than ever before. For famed Norwegian trance Viking Ørjan Nilsen, this couldn’t hit closer to home.

It began with the crash of the music industry. No more festivals to recharge the heart, no clubs to escape to after a stressful day. It was very easy to become a couch potato, but for Ørjan, things were even worse off than any of us could have imagined. His mother’s health was quickly declining and while trying to focus on her he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Laying in the hospital, he was met with a choice. Wallow in his agony and let his health issues take him off this planet or pull himself out of the trenches and survive. Without hesitation, Ørjan chose life.

First things first, he needed to lose some weight. With commitment, hard work, and unyielding support, he has already dropped 20kg (44 lbs) and he is looking quite incredible! Next on the agenda, some good ol’ music therapy. To celebrate his new life, stay motivated, and inspire others, he decided to invoke his beloved DJ Governor moniker, a project that began back in 2006 when he stepped onto Armada with “Red Woods.”

“Memoirs” is a powerful track that offers up a safe space for deep pinpoint introspection. It’s okay to let the tears flow while the glowing melody works its magic on the spirit. As you connect to the rhythm you’ll feel life re-enter your body, saved by the heartbeat of our culture. With his own life on the up and up, Ørjan hopes that the ASOT 1021 tune of the week will bring someone else the hope and energy they need to move them from troubling times and into the light.

It’s a little scary sharing like this as I’m not used to doing so. I’m more the happy and funny dude who you love at parties, the guy you probably would talk to about this. But I have been terrible at sharing my own stuff and even writing this makes me nervous. It was time though, time for me to speak loudly about my problems and that I did manage them, with help from my family, my friends, and last but not least, you guys. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m back, that I’m Ørjan again! And hopefully, I can stay Ørjan for a long long time.

ØRJAN Nilsen

Check out the full message on his Facebook, stream or purchase “Memoirs” on your favorite platform, listen below, and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

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Ørjan Nilsen presents DJ Governor - Memoirs

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