Roger Shah Takes Us Back to the Magic Island for the Tenth Time

Roger Shah
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Roger Shah invites all of us to join him on another sonic journey through the blissful summer atmosphere of Ibiza on Magic Island Vol. 10!

Roger Shah offered trance fans a journey back in 2008 with the debut of his Magic Island mix series. An ode to the one and only Magic Island, the compilation centers on the mood and atmosphere of the Ibiza music scene over the decades. Since 2008 the mixes have run the gamut of Roger’s own numerous aliases to Chimera State, Der Mystik, Fast Distance, and Ciaran McAuley early on in the series. As the tales wove deeper into the heart of trance fans, we saw tracks by Dimension, Ronny K, Brian Laruso, and Dirkie Coetzee join in the fray.

Now, a couple of years removed from the last iteration, Roger Shah brings a new three-mix format into the equation for the tenth volume of Magic Island. The first two are unsurprisingly magic – honed and etched into the stone fabric of blending the best of the white island of the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean. The fearless atmosphere of Roger Shah’s well-distilled lounge and club aesthetics plays through brilliantly.

On these two, Roger Shah taps on some familiar faces to join in the fray: Dennis Sheperd, Kristina Sky, Raul Pablo Sanchez, David Broaders, and Sergey Shabanov. There are of course new names that dot the mixes as well: Yelow, Sunflare, Cores & Zaffarano, Dominik Novak and Andy Cain all offer handiwork of their talents into the mix.

For mix three though, Roger went reflective. In his own words: “As we have now reached ten editions of ‘Magic Island’, I wanted to do something special and went down the memory lane of the previous nine to pick a kind of personal best-of for a series-to-date celebrating mix.” So he did just that – selecting, shall we say, the greatest hits of his catalog of music over the past ten mixes. For those who never plunged into the tranquil waters of Magic Island or Roger’s esteemed back catalog, the third mix will be a treasure to cherish and listen to.

Magic Island Vol. 10 is out now on Black Hole Recordings and fans can grab their own copies including physical editions. I recommend finding a cool drink (say a Mojito or a strawberry-mint spritzer if you can’t enjoy the alcohol at the time) and find a nice spot to enjoy the softness of the sun as we embark into the summer. We can’t all journey to Ibiza yet, but we can always keep a slice of it close by thanks to Roger Shah and the Magic Island experience he’s given us over the decades.

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Roger Shah – Magic Island Vol. 10 – Tracklist:


  1. Gabrielle Ag & Eric De La Vega – Bahia Nocturna
  2. Clarks – Matira
  3. Sunflare – Along The Shore
  4. High Noon At Salinas – Tribal Kids
  5. Rafael Osmo – Homeland
  6. Rafael Osmo – The Low Space
  7. Noah Shah & Brian Laruso – Distance
  8. Guided Gratitude – Please Care
  9. San Antonio Harbour – Coral Triangle
  10. Balearic Session – Apalu
  11. Rafael Osmo – The New World
  12. High Noon At Salinas – It’s More Fun In The Sun
  13. Bob Memphis – What If
  14. Raul Pablo Sanchez x Roger Shah – Nostalgic
  15. Balearic Session – Elidor
  16. Global Experience – Youtan Poluo
  17. Noah Shah – Meteora
  18. Cory Goldsmith & Adam Stark – Foris Venturi
  19. Cores & Zaffarano – Liquid Dance
  20. Roger Shah & Dominik Novak – Inside Out


  1. Roger Shah & Yelow – Burasari (Magic Island 10 Intro Mix)
  2. Thomas Benscher – Gratitude
  3. Roger Shah & Kristina Sky ft. Emma Shaffer – Underwater
  4. Alan West & Fanatic Emotions – Desire
  5. Norex & Adwell ft. Grande Piano – Fallen Heroes
  6. David Broaders – Sombre
  7. Binary Ensemble – Yaadein
  8. Eric Senn – Don’t Look Back
  9. Sergey Shabanov – It Was So Long Ago
  10. Yelow – Pastel Dreams
  11. Dennis Sheperd x Roger Shah x Adam Is A Girl – We Are One
  12. Sergey Shabanov – Never Enough
  13. Pierre Pienaar & Rob Dalby – Sinvula
  14. Corrie Theron – Inside Of You
  15. Fredd Moz – I’ll Find You
  16. Yelow – Malecon
  17. Roger Shah & Rene Ablaze – Twisted World
  18. Andy Cain – Let Me Go
  19. Sunlounger – Hello Sunrise (Roger Shah Uplifting Sunrise Mix)
  20. Sunlounger ft. Susie Ledge – Sail Away (Roger Shah & Yelow Mix)

Mix 3

  1. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis – Call Me Home (Magic Island 10 Intro Edit)
  2. High Noon At Salinas & Kyrst – Virgin Kyle Beach
  3. Sunlounger & Eden Iris – Dancing With A Ghost
  4. Sunlounger & Zara Taylor – Try To Be Love (Roger Shah Naughty Love Mix)
  5. Roger Shah presents Sunlounger ft. Zara Taylor – Found (Original Club Mix)
  6. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis – When You’re Here
  7. Sunlounger ft. Zara – Lost (Club Mix)
  8. Sunlounger ft. Kyler England – Change Your Mind
  9. Aly & Fila meet Roger Shah ft. Adrina Thorpe – Perfect Love
  10. Roger Shah presents Sunlounger & JES – Glitter And Gold (Roger Shah Rework)
  11. Roger Shah & Tenishia ft. Lorilee – You’re So Cool (Roger Shah Big Stage Remix)
  12. Roger Shah & Leon Bolier – Eden (Roger Shah Mix)
  13. Roger Shah ft. Chris Jones – To The Sky (Club Mix)
  14. Roger Shah presents Savannah – Body Lotion (Inspirations Mix)
  15. Roger Shah & Moya Brennan – Reasons To Live (Uplifting Club Mix)
  16. Roger Shah & Signum – Healesville Sanctuary (Roger Shah Mix)
  17. DJ Shah ft. Adrina Thorpe – Back To You
Roger Shah - Magic Island Vol. 10

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