Dennis Sheperd Helps Fans ‘Find The Sunrise’

Dennis Sheperd

For his third studio album, Find The Sunrise, progressive trance producer Dennis Sheperd releases 15 massive tracks with a wide range of sounds.

Dennis Sheperd has become a huge name in the progressive trance scene since first emerging over a decade ago. During this time he’s released plenty of tunes and two studio albums including A Tribute To Life and Fight Your Fears, which showcased his unique sound and captured the hearts of many trance fans around the world. Now, after a tough year, Dennis Sheperd is back with even more refined sounds to explore with the release of Find The Sunrise.

Out now on Black Hole Recordings, Find The Sunrise is an innovative album filled with 15 songs, each of which offers up different sounds that contribute to the charm of the release. Additionally, Sheperd teamed up with other artists such as EKE, RELIJI, and Sunlounger to further expand his range from darker soundscapes to uplifting melodies throughout the journey.

Listen to Find The Sunrise on Spotify or your favorite platform, let us know which tunes you enjoyed the most, and read on for a deeper look at some standouts on the release!

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Find The Sunrise spans a wide range of sounds and shows off Dennis Sheperd’s versatility within the progressive trance genre.

While keeping within the ream of progressive trance, Find The Sunrise flows like a smooth river although each track carries a different feel with it. From the dancey tunes of “When I’m Alone” with Joston and Clementine Douglas as well as “How Does It Feel” with Chloe Kay to darker tunes like “I Can Feel” with Sunlounger, Find The Sunrise is a testament to Dennis Sheperd’s talents as a producer.

Sheperd also adds some impressive hard-hitting beats and basslines that are sure to be scorchers on the dancefloor with tunes like “Hamsa” and “Miss You” which serves up some tremendous club-ready melodies and beats. A party starting kick combined with a speaker rattling bassline really makes the listener get up and dance immediately. Songs like these are Dennis’s forte and his masterful touch on them will energize anyone who listens.

As a testament to the uniqueness of the album, Sheperd added in some slower songs and breakbeats to provide a groove for listeners as well.

Although these songs go a bit outside of the normal progressive trance sound, they breathe new life into the album and offer up a twist that is warmly welcomed. This can be heard in the album’s title track “Find The Sunrise” with Katy Heath as well as on “Omid” with RELIJI, both of which clock in around 85 BPM and display how Sheperd can thrive at slower tunes. Adding to that, his dive into breakbeats is put on display with “When Our Worlds Collide” with Sarah Russell, which is a solid change-up on the trance-driven album.

All in all, Find The Sunrise is a fantastic addition to his already stunning discography. Dennis Sheperd continues to impress with each passing release and we can’t wait to hear what his well-rounded production style offers up next. But until then we can’t wait to shred it on the dancefloor to these fiery tunes for some time to come.

Dennis Sheperd – Find The Sunrise – Tracklist:

  1. Find The Sunrise
  2. I Can Feel
  3. When I’m Alone
  4. In Your Hands
  5. Imagination
  6. Miss You
  7. How Does It Feel
  8. Playing With Fire
  9. South East Love
  10. Burning Flame
  11. When Our Worlds Collide
  12. Hamsa
  13. Losing My Mind
  14. Omid
  15. We Are One
Dennis Sheperd - Find The Sunrise

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