NotLö Releases Debut EP on Deep, Dark & Dangerous

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NotLö makes a huge splash with the spooky, mindblowing tracks on Speakeasy, her debut EP that’s out now on Deep, Dark & Dangerous.

One of the artists to watch out for this year in the bass scene is the very talented NotLö. She’s made impressive moves over the past year and her passion and ear for sound design make her an easy contender for success in the dance music scene. NotLö has a unique production style that stands out amongst the rest, especially in the realm of deep dubstep and experimental genres, and her latest EP helps prove that further. Out now across all platforms, Speakeasy is her debut release on Deep, Dark and Dangerous and a huge milestone in her career.

Watching NotLö grow as an artist has been such an incredible sight to see and Speakeasy highlights her ability to create refreshing, yet spooky 140 sounds. Releasing on Deep, Dark & Dangerous is a huge feat and this five-track EP is some of her best work yet. It will take you on a journey through a smokey room, with girls wearing flapper dresses and men in top hats – but all while having a new age and deep dubstep twist.

I spent a year writing this project as a whole, and I wanted to give off a unique vibe with it as well. The theme is supposed to take you back in time to the flapper/speakeasy era – there are uses of jazz instruments and lush subs throughout the whole EP. I am beyond honored for it to be released on my favorite label! Working with TRUTH is amazing, it feels very personal and that they were truly excited about my project! I can’t wait to continue working with the DDD family :)”


Throughout the EP are grungy, deep sounds that NotLö has poured her heart into, and her fans and the bass community as a whole are in for quite a treat with this one. Listen to Speakeasy on your favorite music platform and read on for a more in-depth look at the EP.

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“Speakeasy” starts things off and really sets the mood for the rest of the EP.

Talk about a gritty and filthy track, my jaw hit the floor the first time I heard “Speakeasy.” I’m consistently blown away with NotLö’s sound design and this tune is packed with dark undertones, haunting basslines, and little squeaky snippets that draw attention immediately. It almost has this old-school carnival feel but mixed with this century’s dubstep.

Remainder” arrives next and made me feel like I was sitting in a lounge in the Roaring ’20s with the lights dimmed super low. It’d be perfect as the soundtrack to one of those old black and white films. Every layer of this track blends so well together and it felt like each note echoed throughout my ears. Arriving next on the stage of the Speakeasy is “After Hours.” This one had jazz sounds that NotLö blended in with slowed and dark BPMs to give off the energy of something you’d hear played late at night at a festival or, well, at an after hours show.

Limits” was my favorite track off this EP because the bass that comes thumping in is felt deep within the soul. Within seconds I could feel myself getting lost within its gritty, echoey beats and I found myself throwing up the gun fingers to the thud of the bass to keep the shadow creatures at bay.

NotLö wraps things up with “Screening,” which is also the darkest track off the EP. The beat on this one is sure to send chills down listeners’ spines. In the second half, she adds more layers on top of the already eerie sounds, making it feel like walking through the spooky trees in a dense forest with only the moonlight guiding your way.

If this is the type of imagery that NotLö continues to evoke with her music, then there’s no doubt she’s an artist you simply cannot ignore if you want to immerse yourself in the bass realm. We can’t wait to see what she creates in the studio next!

NotLö – Speakeasy – Tracklist:

  1. Speakeasy
  2. Remainder
  3. After Hours
  4. Limits
  5. Screening
NotLö speakeasy

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