Calcium Melts the Mind with ‘Dissolve’

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Calcium shows off a new side to his sound with Dissolve, his latest release on Disciple Records that’s sure to have listeners going wild.

When you think of massive, gritty dubstep there are certainly a handful of artists that quickly come to mind and one of those artists is Calcium. This heavy-hitting producer pours insane energy into everything he creates and quickly made a name for himself amongst dubstep artists with his unique sound design and aggressive tunes. And if you need further proof of his dominating style then his releases on labels NSD: Black Label, Cyclops Recordings, and Disciple have solidified his place in the scene.

Now Calcium is back with his latest EP, Dissolve, that landed on Disciple and shows off a completely new side to the producer’s sound. While his tunes usually typically tend to rattle some bones, the ones found within this release will have you feeling as if you’re actually dissolving into bass bliss. Parts of the EP still lean on the heavier side but Calcium mixes in lighter, more mellow-sounding elements as well to give a fresh twist to this subgenre of bass music.

This EP is really just showing what’s to come in the near future. Over the past year I’ve been playing around with a bunch of new sound design techniques , song writing techniques, and new genres and these songs are…just the result of that! i put a lot of emotion and energy into this EP and I’m so excited to share it with y’all! Enjoy!


Stream Dissolve on Spotify or your preferred music platform and read on for a more in-depth take on this EP from Calcium.

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Calcium will have listeners melting from the moment the title track “Dissolve” begins.

Calcium surprised me in the best way with this EP, I was expecting it to be heavy from the get-go but I was pleasantly surprised. “Dissolve” started off slow and quickly built up and dropped into a glitchy dubstep track, much more mellow than the sound I’m used to from him. It still had these heavy scrunches but leaned on the lighter side of things. “Exquisite” had me bobbing my head to the beat, with its riddim-like chops contrasting with sounds that made me feel as light as air.

Calcium blew my mind with “Blessed” and I was grinning ear to ear when I listened to it.

Blessed” has this funky undertone but mixes in all sorts of distorted sounds that immediately make you want to finger chop in the air to the wobbles. Calcium changes it up throughout the track though, adding in these little echoey bubble sounds while in the next section he throws in nasty synths that pull you back to the bass. In fact, it’s more like riding on a psychedelic dubstep bus than simply listening to a tune.

Then, “Oldschool” enters the fray and, without a doubt, it’s the dirtiest track on Dissolve. Calcium reminds fans exactly what it is he can do to create some bass heat throughout the tune. The first half was packed with fat, gut-punching sounds but the second half has a little extra flare. Ending on a high note, Calcium adds in more thick bass, massive kicks, and higher-pitched wobbles to bring it to a close.

Calcium – Dissolve – Tracklist:

  1. Dissolve
  2. Exquisite
  3. Blessed
  4. Oldschool
calcium dissolve

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