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Ben Gold

After teasing tracks all year long, Ben Gold finally has finally dropped Sound Advice (Chapter 2), the second half of his debut artist album!

Ben Gold has experienced many high points in his music career. From signing to Garuda and Armada Music while establishing his own imprint Goldrush Recordings to being selected to develop the ASOT 750 anthem and creating FUTURECODE with Omnia, those just barely scratch the surface of his accomplishments. In 2018, he hit a new milestone with the release of Sound Advice (Chapter One), the first part of his debut album, which included many tracks we fell in love with.

Throughout this year, he has been teasing fans by sprinkling singles and songs from the second half of his debut album throughout his sets and now the day is finally here as Ben Gold has dropped Sound Advice (Chapter Two). This part of the album ranges from Ben Gold’s melodic signature sound to emulating the electrifying energy he brings to club sets. The album even includes surprising downtempo tracks to create an all-around amalgamation of the breadth of talent Gold amasses.

“‘Chapter 1’ of ‘Sound Advice’ was based around the concept of live instruments. Every record had a live instrument in it. For ‘Chapter 2’ I’ve gone back to the dance floor with some incredible new talent featuring across the new tracks. It’s a format that works really well for me and really gives me creative freedom to produce and evolve and explore sound without being restricted. I’ve been road testing the music out on tour and the reactions have been beyond anything I anticipated so it’s looking good, for sure.”

– Ben Gold

Each of the eight tracks on Sound Advice (Chapter Two) have their own unique rhythm, style, and energy which leaves the compendium feeling fresh and effervescent. Read on to see what I thought of the remaining Sound Advice Ben Gold had to share with trance fans around the world.

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Ben Gold comes out strong right out of the gate as the rapturous “The City Sleeps Tonight” hooks in listeners and entrances with his signature melodic sound.

“The City Sleeps Tonight” was the most recent single released and it’s clear that supporters enjoyed the track as it was #2 on the Beatport trance chart. The vocals and lyrics paint a clear picture of a love lost as they meld perfectly with the arpeggios that cascade throughout. As much as I love the absolutely beautiful vocals of newcomer Zoe Lowe, I found myself really wanting to hear and focus more on the uplifting melody buried between and within the lyrics as one of Ben Gold greatest strengths is his ability to create gorgeous melodic tracks.

The subsequent track, “Come Home,” truly feels like the spiritual successor of Ben Gold’s 2018 mega-hit “Stay”. Whereas “Stay” was more somber and fit the instrumental feel of Sound Advice (Chapter One), “Come Home” also sounds like a similarly mental health-oriented track but this time embedded within an uplifting dance floor sound. In addition to its deeper meaning, it is an explosive, feel-good sound that will get listeners bouncing on the dancefloor.

The interestingly titled “Why You El?” is one of my favorites on the album.

I’m going to guess that the title “Why You El?” comes from the Montreal airport code, as Ben Gold has often stated that Montreal is one of his favorite cities to play, combined with the fact that the featured artist RB NAYLR is also from Montreal. Either way, it’s a banger of a track and is also the first non-vocal song on the album. It starts slowly and deeply but fluctuates between this style and a lighter more synth-heavy sound with the occasional piano riff. Also, the booming bassline and vocal chops drew me in as they are reminiscent of some of of the best Andy Moor and Garuda tracks. This is fully nostalgic and I honestly love it.

Speaking of Garuda, the next track “Sapphire (Recut)” was the second release of Sound Advice (Chapter Two) and marked Ben Gold return to Garuda Records. With this version decided to revisit his 2010 revered track and give it a modern sound. The result is a shining track that has the cutting sound and compositional clarity fitting of its title. Though it was released a few months ago, I have been listening to it on repeat because it’s just that good!

The album takes an interesting turn with “Ghost”. When I initially heard it, I wasn’t sure what to think.

The combination of Ben Gold and Ruben de Ronde has given the trance world tracks such as “Era Festivus,” “Two (with Rodg),” and “Trinity” (as FUTURECODE) so they obviously make magic together. Additionally, vocalist Louise Rademakers has worked with Ruben de Ronde on his hit “Games” so they have great chemistry as well. “Ghost” is a beautiful track but I feel its placement on the album disrupted the flow; however, perhaps that was Gold’s intention all along.

After hearing Ben Gold close the ASOT 932 XXL episode with the track, I grew fonder of it and felt it would have been perfect as the final track on the album. As it’s more of an ambient tune and it was nice to see this side of Ben Gold’s production as it’s a very different style from him and showcases his range. I look forward to possible future trance remixes.

“Take Me to Heaven” is the surprise hit of the entire album.

“Take Me to Heaven” is both romantic and sexy and is perfect for a night out. Co-collaborators Sheridan Grout and Fahjah bring in their signature styles and create a deliciously progressive trance track as Julia Ross’s breathy vocals are woven throughout this emotional and ridiculously uplifting song. It is definitely one of my favorites of the entire album.

The album then transitions to “Step Inside” the penultimate track on Sound Advice (Chapter Two) on which Gold collaborated with After Midnight. Initially, the build-up had me reminiscing about trance of yesteryear as it sounds very similar to Orjan Nilsen’s beautiful “Violetta”. Afterward, listeners are beckoned to step inside the track and let the sound envelop them as it peaks and unleashes an onslaught of synths. “Step Inside” has a powerful and relentless club sound that is sure to be amazing live.

Finally, we reach the end and Ben finishes with the perfect track: “A Thousand Times”.

The song was the first single released from the album and he comes full circle by ending with Sound Advice (Chapter Two) with this track. This collaboration with the legendary Richard Durand is a contemplative and introspective track filled with gorgeous melodies and beautiful arpeggios.

Fans of Ben Gold’s signature style are sure to love the second part of his debut artist album!

Sound Advice (Chapter Two) exhibits a great balance of Ben Gold’s signature melodic progression, vocal tracks, and collaborations and greatly represents his current sound. He incorporates newer vocalists into his album which speaks volumes about his ability to push the vocal trance envelope. The love and care he takes to showcase his range of style are evident as he masterfully creates memorable uptempo, downtempo, euphoric, deep, and dark sounds throughout the album.

Although Ben did not tour the first album, we’re hoping he will with this one as Sound Advice (Chapter Two) is begging to be played on the speakers of massive festivals and intimate club nights.

Ben Gold - Sound Advice (Chapter Two) Album Cover

Ben Gold – Sound Advice (Chapter Two) – Tracklist: 

  1. Ben Gold – The City Sleeps Tonight
  2. Ben Gold & HVNNAH – Come Home
  3. Ben Gold & RB NAYLR – Why You El
  4. Ben Gold – Sapphire (Recut)
  5. Ben Gold, Ruben De Ronde & Louise Rademakers – Ghost
  6. Ben Gold, Sheridan Grout & Fahjah ft. Julia Ross – Take Me To Heaven
  7. Ben Gold & After Midnight – Step Inside
  8. Ben Gold & Richard Durand – A Thousand Times

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