Bassheads Share Memories from the Hampton Coliseum Ahead of Basscenter XII

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Bassheads reflect on their experiences at recent editions of Basscenter as Bassnectar and his team prepare to move to a larger space.

One Two Three times for the hardcore! At the end of the month, Bassheads from all over the world will flock to Hampton, Virginia for Basscenter XII. Over the past three years, Bassnectar and his incredible team have brought thousands together from all walks of life to celebrate the music of Bassnectar in Southern Virginia. Now, the gathering has grown in size and this year will be the final time it will be held at the Hampton Coliseum

This year,  the annual gathering over Labor Day Weekend will feature two unique Bassnectar sets with support from Ganja White Night, TroyBoi, and many others. After Bassnectar took to Twitter to announce that the event will be moved to a larger venue next year, fans are preparing to go all out and give the Coliseum a proper goodbye.

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Looking to gain some insight on the impact that the event has had on the community, I sat down with three of the biggest Bassheads I could find to see what they had to say about the event. Read on for reasons why they fell in love with the event and what it means to them.

Shaun, 22, Hampton, VA

Shaun, a good friend of mine, is a huge Bassnectar fan who grew up just a few miles away from the Hampton Coliseum. He’s attended the past two Basscenter events in Hampton and also went to Spring Gathering 2018 in Chicago.

So, being from Hampton, do you think that the Coliseum has some extra importance for Bassnectar fans after all these years?

I really do believe the Coliseum is super important to Bassnectar and his fans. It’s a beautiful experience being able to look around a packed coliseum and seeing all of unified for one amazing purpose.

What’s kept you coming back to Bassnectar events?

It’s all the amazing energy and positivity Bassnectar and his fans have. Not just in music but outside the community it brings all sorts of individuals together and the memories made at a Bassnectar show can never be forgotten.

Are you bummed about the decision to move Basscenter out of Hampton?

Nah, not really. Why should I be? I’ve had the privilege to see this man in my home state three years back to back to back so I want someone else to get that joy of being so close to the craziness.

Rob, 30, Tampa, FL

Known to some as BassHead Rob, the Columbus, Ohio native had his “I get it” moment at Spring Gathering 2018 in Chicago. Since then, he’s traveled all over for Bassnectar sets, attending Basscenter XI, Deja Voom, and Be Interactive Nashville in recent years.

Thanks for agreeing to talk with me, dude! In your opinion, do you think that Basscenter has a special feeling to it compared to other events?

Basscenter just hits different and I really attribute that to the Coliseum. The venue has this aura about it. It’s almost got this Electric Forest type feel where you can literally FEEL the magic in the air. It’s so amazing how much center means to Lorin too. It has such a special place in his heart and it shows with the production level and the insane sets he creates for us. 

You clearly have a special place in your heart for Bassnectar. What inspires you to keep coming back? 

Lorin brings us in the door but the people keep you coming back. It’s an entire experience going to a curated event, it’s mind-blowing how creative bassheads are. The gifts that people give to each other, the love that is shared with one another and the overall care for each other whether that is from the ambassadors or your sistah and bruddah next to you!

Even after all these shows, is there still a song you’re hoping to hear live?

Lorin, if you are reading this, PLEASE drop “Hexes” on us. I promise I’ll keep following you around the world but my soul NEEDS it.

Caleb, 26, Columbus, OH

Having seen over 30 sets in his life Caleb is a true veteran of the Bassnectar circuit. He’s attended a number of curated events, including Basslights 2015, Spring Gathering 2018, NYE Atlanta and Greensboro, Be Interactive Nashville, and both years of Basscenter at the Hampton Coliseum.

So, you’ve been traveling to see Bassnectar for quite some time. What makes Basscenter so special for you?

Aside from Deja Voom, it’s my favorite event of the year, I get to see my friends from all over the country. We hit different events and festivals in smaller groups throughout the year but Basscenter is when everybody gets together. It’s like a family reunion, we rent two houses and really do it big. I owe most of these friendships to Bassnectar.

Wow. Is there a special Basscenter moment that stands out to you?

At Basscenter XI he played “Day n Nite” and I had a flashback to my very first show at Breakaway 2013. I was with just one other person. I look around and now I’m surrounded by 40 of my closest friends, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

That sounds incredible! So, what do you think of the decision to move Basscenter out of Hampton next year? 

I think it’s necessary, this year sold out way faster than anyone anticipated and it sucks that not everyone who wants to go can be there just because they can’t find a ticket. I’ll miss Hampton, but I trust the Bassnectar team completely to choose the right venue and improve the experience for everyone. Wherever it ends up, I’ll be there.

Basscenter XII – Essential Info:

Dates: August 31 – September 1, 2019
Venue: Hampton Coliseum, 1000 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666
Ages: 18+
Tickets: SOLD OUT
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