GAWP continues his meteoric rise through the house music scene with the release of his new Blocker EP, out now on HotBOi Records.

2018 has been quite a year for UK-based producer Oliver Portamento, better known to the world as the charmingly single-syllabic GAWP. With two separate North American tours and huge releases on labels like This Ain’t Bristol and Psycho Disco, GAWP is making his mark, and this week’s release of his brand new Blocker EP out on HotBOi Records is just one more feather in his already considerably flashy cap.

Clocking in at just under seven minutes with two tracks in total, GAWP’s Blocker EP gives us a quirky nod to old-school, underground house music that is oh-so-reminiscent of some of the greatest parts of 90’s dance music. The first track, “Blocker,” starts off with a throwback synth riff that you can envision being played on your beloved Casio keyboard back in the day and quickly transitions into a funky house tune with a lively set of vocal samples that give it the feel of pure 90’s street.

Meanwhile, the second track, “Totem Recall,” gives us that fat, bumping bassline that we’ve grown so accustomed to with GAWP’s music alongside a more minimalistic set of production elements and samples. At the midpoint, we’re treated to a bouncy, major-key acid synth line that carries us through to the end of the tune.

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GAWP’s Blocker EP marks the seventh release on option4‘s HotBOi Records label, which has also been having a hell of a year with huge tunes by Will Clarke, Huxley featuring Dances With White Girls, and option4 himself. Keep your eyes on this burgeoning tech house label, as they’ve been putting out some of the best music in the scene and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

GAWP Blocker EP

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