In Search Of Sunrise Returns with 14th Installment

In Search Of Sunrise 14

The beloved ISOS series is back and better than ever featuring three brand new mixes from Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, and Andy Moor!

It has been three years since the last In Search Of Sunrise lit up the horizon, but ISOS fans can finally rest easy as today because installment 14 has arrived! What began in 1999 with Tiesto ushering in the light of day has morphed throughout the years taking on inspiration from unique locations and then changing hands to Richard Durand after the seventh ISOS offering.

After 2015, In Search of Sunrise hit quite the quiet streak, but with a little help from Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, and Andy Moor, the sun has risen once again. Grab your copy of In Search Of Sunrise 14 on your favorite media platform and read on for our trance-filled journey below!

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As the warm rays prepare to make their appearance it is Markus Schulz who takes the lead.

The Coldharbour king Markus Schulz delivers the heat to start things off with a vast array of stunning beats from the industry’s greatest including Above & Beyond’s “Cold Feet”, Solarstone’s “Midsummer Nights”, Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold’s “A Slice Of Heaven”, and so many more!

With divine discipline Markus takes listeners on a journey through the implementation of both old and new perspectives, all the while staying true to the pure essence of trance as we search for the sunrise. With the inspiration to stay locked into ISOS’s original vision, Markus Schulz sets the stage for the ultimate transition from darkness to light.

With our senses heightened, Gabriel & Dresden swoop in to answer dawn’s call with ethereal character and melodic elegance.

As they begin with an eclectic array of soul grabbing productions that include Naden’s “Submersion”, Estiva’s “Space Dust”, and Dirty South’s “Night Walks”, Gabriel & Dresden flip the script and find balance as they usher in the day with a collection of remixes plucked directly from their own wheelhouse.

Marking their territory with their take on Dirty South’s “If It All Stops”, Above & Beyond’s “Is It Love?”, and raising the bar with a brand new club mix for “Over Oceans”, Gabriel & Dresden rematerialize with a thunderous roar! With power and class emanating from start to finish, Gabriel & Dresden have arrived as a pivotal piece in the growing saga of the In Search Of Sunrise series. With the sun now staking its claim in the sky, we now enter the final chapter of ISOS 14.

The closing mix welcomes the full light of day with Andy Moor building the energy for a sun-soaked summer vibe session.

With mother nature and musical rhythm now in perfect sync, Andy Moor delivers the final push to keep the party raging well into dawn. It is in this moment that we catch our second wind, and as we raise our hands to the heavens we get lost in the sounds of Gundamea’s remix of The Thrillseekers’ “In These Arms”, Airbase’s “Vermillion”, Andy Moor’s “The Real You”, and Digital Energy’s “Living The Dream”.

As we float on a cloud of pure auditory bliss, Andy Moor bids us farewell as he meticulously weaves the beats of Neptune Project, The Thrillseekers, Neil Bamford, and Supernal into the airwaves. With the final melody lingering through our soul, it becomes crystal clear that In Search Of Sunrise is here to stay, hopefully for many more years to come!

In Search Of Sunrise 14

In Search Of Sunrise 14 Tracklist:

Mix 1 – Markus Schulz
  1. Markus Schulz & Jam El Mar – Hymn of the Replicant
  2. Ben Böhmer – After Earth
  3. Pavel Khvaleev – Rainbow
  4. Above & Beyond featuring Justine Suissa – Cold Feet
  5. Dylhen – Illuminate
  6. Markus Schulz presents Dakota vs. Arkham Knights – Something About You
  7. Dave Neven presents Ocata – Travelling
  8. Anske – The Light In You
  9. Hazem Beltagui – You Before Me
  10. Solarstone – Midsummer Nights
  11. The Thrillseekers presents Hydra – Affinity 2018
  12. Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold – A Slice Of Heaven
  13. Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt – Safe From Harm (Markus Schulz In Bloom Mix)
  14. Dennis Sheperd & Bjorn Akesson – Memoria
  15. Markus Schulz featuring Justine Suissa – Perception (Johan Gielen Remix)
  16. Arkham Knights – Into the Fire
  17. Moogwai – Viola (Elevation Remix)
  18. Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Breathe Me to Life
Mix 2 – Gabriel & Dresden
  1. Naden – Submersion
  2. Eelke Kleijn – Home
  3. Lucas Rossi – A Part of Myself
  4. Cioz featuring Collopio – Fury
  5. Estiva – Space Dust
  6. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Jan Burton – Underwater (Tinlicker Remix)
  7. Dirty South – Night Walks
  8. MR.MNT – Pause
  9. Dirty South featuring ANIMA! – If It All Stops (Gabriel & Dresden Re-Rub)
  10. ADNT – From Now On (Max Cue Remix)
  11. Above & Beyond – Is It Love? (1001) (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
  12. Clint Stewart – Breathe (Timmo Rework)
  13. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Josh Gabriel – Over Oceans (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
  14. Gabriel & Dresden featuring Sub Teal – Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Mix 3 – Andy Moor
  1. Aly & Fila vs Scott Bond & Charlie Walker – Shadow (Paul Thomas Remix)
  2. Clameres – Soundwalker
  3. Peter Steele – Zen
  4. The Thrillseekers – In These Arms (Stoneface & Terminal pres. Gundamea Remix)
  5. Lange & Sarah Howells – Out Of The Sky (Omnia Remix)
  6. Ariscan – Amberfall
  7. Airbase – Vermillion
  8. Andy Moor featuring Becky Jean Williams – The Real You
  9. Digital Energy – Living the Dream
  10. Mike Saint-Jules – Beacon
  11. Andy Moor & Alex Ryan – Reflection
  12. Neptune Project – Proteus (The Thrillseekers Remix)
  13. Neptune Project – Bioluminescence
  14. Neil Bamford – They Are There
  15. Supernal – Supernal

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