Take a Look at Cosmic Gate’s Recent Journey with ‘Materia – The Documentary’

Materia - The Documentary

Chronicling their journey of conception, production, and release, Cosmic Gate invites us to take a behind the scene look at their world-renowned Materia series with Materia – The Documentary! 

In 2017, the trance family was blessed with two of the most pivotal pieces of dance music history in the form of Cosmic Gate’s Materia Chapter.One and Materia Chapter.Two. Little did we know that the men behind the beats were capturing the experience on film in the hopes to shed a light on the beauty of inspiration and the raw challenges that would ultimately arise as they embarked on their illustrious production journey. One year later, Materia – The Documentary emerged.

Shot on location over a course of a year, a team of videographers followed the dynamic duo to events including ADE, Miami Music Week, Tomorrowland, and of course the ever important Materia tour events that touched down at Ministry of Sound and Exchange LA. As the journey unfolds in the documentary, viewers become privy to Cosmic Gate’s unique production process and get the inside scoop on just how Materia’s concept was born.

With the drive to strip themselves down and open up their lives to their faithful fans, Cosmic Gate takes us behind the scenes and includes some never before seen backstage footage where Nic & Bossi share candidly about the pressures of group and tour life. On the flip side, diving deep into their unmatched synergy, we get to peer into the dynamic and unwavering friendship of two of the most revered artists in the dance music industry.

They also discuss moments from their early years and shine a light on how events and personal inspiration played a major part in shaping the music found within both chapters of Materia. The documentary would not be complete without a backdrop of sound as Materia standout tracks “AM2PM”, “Tonight”“Fall Into You”, “AR”, and “Dynamic” amp up the emotional draw as viewers are met with intercuts that break into some serious front of the house action as Cosmic Gate show off their incredible talent live on stage!

Check out the full documentary below and prepare to come out of it with a fresh new respect, understanding, and adoration for Cosmic Gate — two of the most hardworking, driven, and passionate men that the trance scene will ever know!

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