The Landing Volume 071 || Fresh Tunes From This Week!

The Landing

Welcome to The Landing, EDM Identity’s weekly post highlighting fresh tracks you may have missed!

In each edition of The Landing, we intend to highlight some tracks that have landed in our inbox each week that you may have missed, or perhaps shine a light on new music for you to fall in love with.

This week’s edition of The Landing features fresh tracks from Type 41, Krimer & Riot Ten, Sied van Riel, Jochen Miller & Rebourne, ZAXX, Bonnie X Clyde, ANTRA, Hotel Garuda, and more!

Listen to some of our favorite tunes from this week and past editions in our playlist and read on for more details on the tunes added below!

The Landing || Volume 071

The LandingType 41 Takes Us Higher With His Latest Rielism Offering

Type 41 knows exactly what the trance family needs when it comes to delivering music with incredible uplift. Hot off of “Transdimensional” and his remix for Benya and Sara Houston’s “Made Of Dreams”, Type 41 shoots us straight up to the heavens to experience intense auditory bliss with “Altira” featuring the divine vocals of Ariette Florence. Type 41 is a true star on the rise and with the Rielism brand supporting him along his incredible journey, there is truly nothing that can stand in his way! -Maria

riot ten krimer
Riot Ten and Krimer join forces to create the massively heavy bass track, “Dem Hands Doe”.

Riot Ten, creator of the ultimate headbanger anthem, “Railbreaker”, has come together with Never Say Die dubstep producer Krimer. Krimer is at the top of my list of most underrated dubstep artists, so I really enjoyed this collaborated effort with Riot Ten. “Dem Hands Doe” begins with a high-energy stream of synth blips that escalates with a repeated “Put your hands up!”

There’s no warning to the oncoming bass onslaught, and suddenly you’re bulldozed by a fiery assault of scrap-metal dubstep. Here is where we can definitely hear Krimer’s influence, as there is no one who quite captures his merciless filth. With Riot Ten performing at this year’s edition of Lost Lands, I can’t wait to break my neck to this new track! – Jayce

Stream or download “Dem Hands Doe” on Spotify!

Sied van Riel - Atomic Blonde
Going “Atomic Blonde” with Sied van Riel!

Sied van Riel is no slouch in the Trance community. Bursting onto the market in the 2006/2007 era, the producer/DJ continues his blend of Trance while still accelerating his career. Aside from managing his own namesake label Rielism and browsing back catalogs for classic tracks to remake (like Tiesto’s hit single “Traffic”), he continues to tour the world and producer killer tunes. “Atomic Blonde” realizes his style of Trance in a groove-focused package.

Described as both “hypnotic” and “haunting,” the nearly seven-minute-long track capitalizes on a familiar vibe while remaining very ethereal in its use of synthesizers. Airy but dark atmospheres permeate the production, but the core melody – introduced in the break – shines like a spotlight in the night. The beauty of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby would love the way this track flows and crashes against the shore. Take a bite and dive into the waves of this Pure Trance release. – MyStro

Jochen Miller & Rebourne-Revenge (Jochen Miller's Festival Mix Extended)
Taking “Revenge” feels so epic!

Jochen Miller and Rebourne’s collaboration “Revenge” extends a familiar energy in Jochen’s Festival mix. This particular mix happens to have a nostalgia-inducing lead in it – one that reminds me of the glory days of W&W (think “Invasion” and “Mustang”). Aside from that, the track grabs the energetic synth riffs and catapults them precisely where you need them if you’re wanting the ground to shake as you get the festival groove on. Pulling from the energy of Hard Dance producer Rebourne onto the track also helps firmly establish the base on this energetic, driving Trance tune. If the original (see not Jochen Miller’s Festival Mix) shows up, I can’t wait to hear how the two directly collaborated. Grab your own copy off High Contract Recordings today. – MyStro

ZAXX releases melodic tune “Together” on Proximity.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the releases coming from ZAXX’s studio, you should best take notice now. Releasing “Together” on fresh label Proximity this week, he has given the world a track that will hit you right in the feels. Through its stunning sound design and minimal vocals, the tune tells a unique story in its own way, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. -Grant

Check out his thoughts on the release below:

“‘Together’ was one of the first songs I wrote that really brought me out of my comfort zone – a zone I’ve been in for too long. I tried to create a message of unity by reiterating just one lyric throughout, echoing ‘Together.’ I want people who listen to figure out what that means for themselves.” – ZAXX

Download or stream “Together” on your favorite platform!

After listening to Bonnie X Clyde’s latest single we want to “Do It All Over” again too.

One of the most dynamic duos in the bass music scene right now is Bonnie X Clyde, who have been dominating speakers and stages with their performances all over. Known for their tracks like “Bass Jam” and “In The City”, they have quickly risen to the top with their signature vocal bass sound. Having recently released “The Unknown” to much fanfare, they’ve followed it up with a fantastic offering in “Do It All Over” which has continued to leave us seriously impressed. – Grant

D.R.U. In The Jungle
D.R.U. teams up with Ray Champion on “In The Jungle”.

One of our favorite artists coming out of sunny San Diego, D.R.U. has been producing some massive sounds over the past few years. Working with fellow artist Ray Champion on his latest single dubbed “In The Jungle”, this blend of bass music with hip-hop vocals is perfect to vibe out to while you’re driving around town but looking for an onslaught of bass. The track also features a raw, gritty feel, and the drums that come in right before that final drop hit you in all the right ways. – Grant

Hotel Garuda RUNN Blurry Eyes
Hotel Garuda drops first track of 2018 with “Blurry Eyes”

The beloved duo known as Hotel Garuda is back after a brief hiatus and is already releasing some fire by way of new tune “Blurry Eyes”. Blending elements across the electronic music spectrum to create a signature sound for this tune, the duo has brought forth another masterpiece of a track that will have you bumping along with the beat. Hotel Garuda reached out to RUNN to bring “Blurry Eyes” to completion as her vocals provide the finishing touch to make it absolutely infectious. – Grant

Download or stream “Blurry Eyes” on your favorite platform!

ANTRA Wasted Times
ANTRA releases a sick remix of “Wasted Times”.

One of our favorite rising stars in the bass music scene is ANTRA. Known for his stylings in the realm of future bass and trap, he has continually blown us away with remixes and originals tunes. Taking the reins on The Weeknd’s “Wasted Times”, he has brought yet another quality release to the table for your listening pleasure. -Grant

Check out his thoughts on the production process for the tune:

“Having originally garnered attention through my crafty R&B revivals, this remix came together pretty naturally because of the smooth vocal sample. I always love to experiment with airy synths layered with contrasting 808s and this was no exception. The element that stands out to me most in this track is the future garage type drums and I feel that added a nice touch.” -ANTRA

WhethanWhethan and Oh Wonder pair charmingly for “Superlove”!

Whethan has had a big year releasing collaborations with Louis The Child, Broods, and has now added London-based duo Oh Wonder to mix. The tune has a tropical feel that fits perfectly as summer begins to roll around. Oh Wonder’s poppy vocals compliment Whethan’s production style perfectly to create a bouncy and upbeat song that is sure to bring some sunshine into your day. When you have that many talented artists working on a track together, magic happens. That’s what you get with “Superlove”! – Zach

Listen to “Superlove” on SoundCloud or Spotify!

REZI - Better Feelings
REZI releases Better Feelings and you can’t help but feel uplifted

The track opens with a simple piano melody accompanied by chords. The simple harmonics are bright and as the drum line gets added the song builds into a fun future bass drop.

The quiet voice samples remind me of the sounds Navi the fairy in Zelda makes. As the song continues the same chords at the opening are played again but layered over a faster beat and more of those beautiful future bass sounds. As the song comes to a close a higher pitch on that familiar riff should make you smile. The song is called Better Feelings and I can’t imagine how you could listen to it and not feel at least a little bit better. – Carlos

Listen to “Better Feelings” on SoundCloud!