Coachella 2017 Weekend 1
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Coachella is finally here, get all the essential information you need to know before heading out to the Polo Grounds for Weekend 1 and Weekend 2!

Coachella is finally here! Starting this week, attendees from all over the world will be making the great exodus to the Empire Polo Grounds, where they’ll spend the next weekend (or two) dancing away the harsh stresses of reality and acting as though spending 15 dollars on a slice of watermelon is no big deal.

We know just how stressful preparing for Coachella can be, you’ve spent the last month furiously scouring the web for outfits that are both trendy and unique, plus snapping the perfect Instagram doesn’t just happen — it takes some serious planning! Don’t stress, because we have your backs! We’ve highlighted all of the essential information you need to know before heading to the desert below, so you can spend more time last-minute packing and less time frantically Googling.

To get you even more ready for the weekend, make sure to check out James and Zach’s top bass, EDM, and non-EDM acts, as well as some acts playing the Do LaB stage! Plus, no road to Indio is complete without the ultimate soundtrack, so we’ve teamed up with Party Favor to bring you our exclusive PARTY FAVORites playlist!

Coachella 2018 Essential Info:

Dates: Weekend One – Friday, April 13 to Sunday, April 15; Weekend Two – Friday, April 20 to Sunday, April 23
Hours: 11 – about 12:30 AM daily
Venue Address: Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA
Tickets: Tickets are sold out, but you can still buy them off of StubHub HERE
Facebook Event Page: RSVP for Weekend One HERE; RSVP for Weekend Two HERE

Acceptable Forms of Identification for Entry
  • ID is not necessary for entry as the event is all ages, but if you are 21+ and planning on purchasing alcohol once inside you will need a government-issued form of identification
Unacceptable Forms of Identification for Entry
  • Anything other than a government-issued passport or ID.

Coachella 2018 – Weekend 2 Set Times:

Coachella 2018 Weekend 2 Set Times - Friday

Coachella 2018 Weekend 2 Set Times - Saturday

Coachella 2018 Weekend 2 Set Times - Sunday

Coachella 2018 Weekend 2 Set Times - Do LaB

Coachella 2018 Weekend 2 Set Times - Heineken House

Coachella 2018 – Weekend 1 Set Times:

Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Do LaB | Heineken House

Coachella 2018 Festival Map:

Coachella 2018 Festival Map

Coachella 2018 Parking Map:

Coachella 2018 Parking Map

Coachella 2018 Camping Maps:

Coachella 2018 Camping Map

Coachella 2018 Camp Center Map

Coachella 2018 Directions:

Coachella 2018 Directions Map

Coachella 2018 Do’s & Don’ts:

Prohibited Items
  • NO Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans
  • NO Air Horns
  • NO Audio Recording Devices
  • NO AVPs or MODs or Liquid Refills for E-Cigs
  • NO Bicycles, Skates, Scooters or Skateboards
  • NO Chairs or Coolers
  • NO Chains or Chain Wallets
  • NO Detachable Lens Cameras
  • NO Drones or Remote Control Aircraft, Cars or Toys
  • NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia, Marijuana, Marijuana products
  • NO Fireworks, Explosives or Road Flares
  • NO Flags
  • NO Flyers, Samples, Giveaways or Promotional Items
  • NO Glass or Metal Water Containers
  • NO Glow Sticks or LED Gloves
  • NO Guns, Ammunition or Tasers
  • NO Hula Hoops
  • NO Hoverboards or Segways
  • NO Instruments
  • NO Kites or Sky Lanterns
  • NO Knives, Weapons or Sharp Objects
  • NO Laser Pointers
  • NO Massagers
  • NO Metal, Steel or Aluminum water bottles
  • NO Outside Food or Beverage
  • NO Pepper Spray or Mace
  • NO Pets or Other Animals
  • NO Selfie Sticks, Tripods or Narcissists
  • NO Sharpies, Markers or Paint Pens
  • NO Stuffed Animals
  • NO Tarps
  • NO Tents or Sleeping Bags
  • NO Toy Guns, Water Guns or Sling Shots
  • NO Totems
  • NO Umbrellas
  • NO Video Cameras
Permitted Items
  • YES Baby Blankets
  • YES Baby Strollers
  • YES Backpacks (Medium)
  • YES Blankets (Small) & Beach Towels
  • YES Binoculars
  • YES Bota Bags (Empty)
  • YES Cameras (Non-Pro Digital and Film) and GoPros/FlipCams
  • YES Chapstick and Lip Balm
  • YES Sealed/Unopened Cigarettes and Lighters
  • YES Dancing Shoes
  • YES E-Cigs and Vape Pens (Mid-Sized) and Single-Use Minis/Cig-a-likes
  • YES Hydration Packs, i.e. CamelBaks (Plastic, Empty)
  • YES Ear Plugs
  • YES Eye Drops
  • YES Fanny Packs and Hip Bags
  • YES GoPros
  • YES Gum
  • YES Hand Sanitizer and Baby Wipes
  • YES Hats
  • YES Laptop Computers and Tablets
  • YES Makeup
  • YES Misters (Empty)
  • YES Mobile Phones and Chargers
  • YES Parasols
  • YES Purses and Handbags
  • YES Service Animals (See ADA Guide)
  • YES Smiles
  • YES Sunblock (Non-Aerosol)
  • YES Sunglasses
  • YES Walkie Talkies
  • YES Water Bottles (Empty, Plastic, Reusable, non-metal, 40oz)

Coachella 2018 Camping Information:

  • All camping attendees must be 18 years of age or older and have valid ID or else be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Each camping attendee must have their own valid festival pass for entrance.
  • All on-site camping opens Thursday at 9:00a and closes on Monday at 10:00a each weekend. Early arrival is highly recommended.
  • CHECK IN TIMES: Cars driving in to check in for Car Camping, Tent Camping and Lake Eldorado can check in Thu from 9:00a-2:00a and Fri-Sun from 9:00a-8:00p.*time subject to change
  • Check-in for pedestrians is 24-hours.
  • Please be advised all car/tent camping lots will be on lock down between the hours of 10pm – 2am nightly. If you need to leave prior to 2am on Sunday, you need to do so before 10pm.
  • All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry.
  • No camping is allowed between weekends.
  • All general Car Camping and Tent Camping attendees can visit each others’ campsites.
  • There will be on-site security at all times.
  • First aid stations will be open 24-hours.
  • Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into on-site camping.
  • Please refer to Camping FAQs for additional Camping questions.
  • Venue/promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended that you do not bring valuable items. If you do bring valuable items, please lock them in your car. Do not leave valuable items in your tent.
  • All campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers.
    Noise curfew is at 1:30a.
Prohibited Items:
  • No wrapped or sponsored vehicles. Your vehicle will be turned away at the toll booth if it has ads, marketing, sponsors or company logos on it. This does not apply to the logos from rental car companies.
  • No branded or logo’d pop-up canopies or tents are allowed.
  • No glass containers of any kind.  Remember, no beer bottles
  • No weapons, knives (including cooking and steak knives)
  • No drugs or drug paraphernalia, No marijuana or marijuana products
  • No glass solar panels
  • No extra car batteries
  • No animals allowed in the campground. (See our ADA page for more information.)
  • No open flames. (GPS, we are not talking about you.)
  • No candles
  • No tiki torches, fireworks or any types of explosives or ammunition.
  • No squirt guns/water toys
  • No tanks of compressed air, helium, nitrous (haha), etc.
  • No party balloons.
  • No slip-n-slides.
  • No metal tent stakes.
  • No Scissors
  • No drones, remote control aircraft or toy cars.
  • No hoverboards, motorized scooters, electric bikes
  • No full length or vanity mirrors
  • No sports equipment (golf clubs, bats, hockey sticks, things of that nature).
  • No sledgehammers
  • No work out equipment (kettle balls, dumbbells, barbells, stuff like that)
  • No amplified sound
  • No large speakers
    If you’re unclear about an answer, just assume the answer is no.

Reminder To Mind Your Belongings:

Unfortunately, many people have reported pickpockets, bag slashings, and theft of wallets, smartphones, purses and other valuables during this festival season. While this small number of bad apples in the bunch doesn’t define an entire crowd, there are opportunistic people who come to these events to take advantage of unsuspecting partygoers and it’s important to be mindful of your valuables while at Coachella.

Looking for tips to keep your belongings safe? Check our post highlighting some ideas!

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Sydney attributes her love for music from her mom, who insisted on playing The Foo Fighters and The White Stripes rather than Kiss FM whenever she drove carpool and agreed to allow Sydney to attend Coachella in the eighth grade as long as she could go with her. That first festival only greater affirmed Sydney’s passion for the scene, but it was not until 2013 when she attended Swedish House Mafia’s One Last Tour concert in Los Angeles that she discovered electronic music. She was hooked instantly and has since attended a total of 23 festivals, with countless concerts in between. Sydney’s favorite artists include RL Grime, Jauz, Jai Wolf, Louis The Child, Slander, Bearson and Big Gigantic but she is constantly on the look out for new music and artists to dance to. When she’s not scouring the internet for new tracks or grooving at a concert, Sydney studies Journalism and Biology full-time at the University of Oregon.

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