Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto Unleash ‘Outburst Presents Prism Volume 2’

Prism Volume 2

Hold on to your hats because Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto have brewed up a storm of musical insanity on Outburst presents Prism Volume 2!

What has only been a year and a half seems like a lifetime since Mark Sherry delivered Outburst presents Prism Volume 1 with fellow tech trance extraordinaire Alex di Stefano. But this month, the wait is finally over. Joining forces with the epic Tempo Giusto, Mark has blessed us with yet another massive compilation – Outburst presents Prism Volume 2!

Prepare for a 43 track journey into extreme madness as the wild side of trance envelops your soul, kidnapping your subconscious and delivering you straight into the next dimension of unadulterated musical bliss. On this volume, Mark Sherry has explored the sounds of only the most creative tastemakers from all ends of the trance spectrum, culminating in an experience that will leave you breathless as you marvel at the pure genius that emanates from your speakers the moment the very first beat dances through the airwaves.

Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto’s Outburst presents Prism Volume 2 is available to download and order on multiple outlets!

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Prepare for an extravaganza of sound as Mark Sherry and Temp Giusto leave no trance stone unturned!

The first eighty minutes spring out of the gate with force as Mark Sherry takes the reins, nodding to the techno realm with a little piece from his new project Thick As Thieves with David Forbes on “Any Time”. From this point on, the energy doesn’t flounder for even a moment as track two, “Imbecile”, unveils a brand new exclusive piece of musical art by Mark Sherry, paving the way for a hodgepodge of originals, reworks, and remixes that ooze with Mark Sherry style.

If you are a fan of music revisited, it is the remix game that shines brighter than ever on Prism Volume 2. Disc 1 delivers gems in the form of Markus Schulz’s “The New World” remixed by Mark Sherry, Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase’s “Killer Twist” sparked to life by Cold Blue, and Mark Sherry & Dr Willis’s “Here Come The Drums”, taken to the next level with ReDrive’s special touch. A full-on explosion of energy, disc 1 delivers with the pedal firmly planted to the ground.

Disc 2 has been reserved for the arguably underrated tech trance guru himself, Tempo Giusto, and quickly we are assured that 2018 will see the true deliverance of the incredible genius that runs through this tastemaker’s blood.

For this go-round, artists like Liquid Soul, Robert Nickson, Ben Gold, and Arkham Knights have been chosen to set the stage. In honorable fashion, Tempo gives a brilliant nod to last year’s Prism’s co-mixer as he drops Alex Di Stefano’s “Split” & “What’s The Catch”, as well as reshaping Sherry & Stefano’s peak hour stunner, “Everyone Is Looking For Us”, which is just one example of four insane remix delicacies that Tempo Giusto has gifted to us on Prism Volume 2.

Now, I don’t want to give away all the juicy details as my full review is coming soon so, make sure you stay locked in with us as we board the rollercoaster ride that is… Outburst presents Prism Volume 2!

Mark Sherry & Tempo Giusto – Outburst presents Prism Volume 2 Tracklist:

Disc 1 Mixed by Mark Sherry:
  1. Thick As Thieves – Any Time
  2. Mark Sherry – Imbecile
  3. Stuart Ferguson – Rellik
  4. Ikorus – Suplex
  5. Markus Schulz – The New World (Mark Sherry Remix)
  6. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee – Time Travel
  7. Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase – Killer Twist (Cold Blue Remix)
  8. 2nd Phase – Hot Sauce
  9. Megamind – Taub (Mark Sherry Remix)
  10. Stoneface & Terminal – So What
  11. Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano – Everyone Is Looking For Us (Coming Soon!!! vs. WAIO Remix)
  12. David Forbes & Richard Durand – Coma
  13. Mark Sherry – Music Of The Earth
  14. Dr. Willis & Myron meet Ricky Fobis – No Regular (Mark Sherry Remix)
  15. Jamie Walker – Rebound
  16. Mark Sherry & Dr Willis – Here Come The Drums (ReDrive Remix)
  17. Lostly – One Last Look
  18. Alan Morris – Stigmata
  19. EverLight – Laserface
  20. Argy (UK) – Bearpit (Scot Project Remix)
  21. Terry Ferminal vs Mark Sherry – Walk Away (Gary Maguire Remix)
Disc 2 Mixed by Tempo Giusto:
  1. Notea- Up & Down
  2. Orkidea – Redemption (Tempo Giusto Remix)
  3. Arkham Knights – Gravity
  4. Tempo Giusto & Ima’gin – Pachinko
  5. Casey Rasch – What’s Next (Tempo Giusto Remix)
  6. Alex Di Stefano – What’s The Catch
  7. Ben Gold – Atomic (Tempo Giusto Remix)
  8. Tempo Giusto vs HP Source – Foul Language
  9. Amoeba Assassin – Piledriver (Greg Downey Remix)
  10. Lucas Deyong – Spectrum
  11. Mark Sherry – Vengeance (Tempo Giusto Remix)
  12. Robert Nickson – Euphorica
  13. Bobina & Natalie Gioia – My Everything (UCast Remix)
  14. Tempo Giusto – Past x Future
  15. Ana Criado – Still There’s You (A.R.D.I. Remix)
  16. Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano – Everyone Is Looking For Us (Tempo Giusto Remix)
  17. Alex Di Stefano – Split
  18. Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland – Super Cool
  19. Exis – Survival
  20. Liquid Soul – Wake Up
  21. Tempo Giusto – Raindance
  22. Tempo Giusto – Burn

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