Pharmacy Plus Launches New Compilation Series, ‘Innovations’

Innovations, Vol. 1: Mixed by Synfonic

Christopher Lawrence’s imprint Pharmacy Plus is set to release their new compilation series, Innovations, on November 27!

Legendary trance artist Christopher Lawrence continues to push the envelope within the scene. Lawrence’s Pharmacy Music label has always prided itself on having one ear on the underground scene and drawing creative influence beyond commercialized sounds. However, his latest imprint, Pharmacy Plus, is committed to exploring a deeper, darker side. This is where the brand new series, Innovations, comes in.

The launch of the Innovations series will see Los Angeles-based duo Synfonic at the helm.

Synfonic is known for their plethora of top ten tracks such as “Hatari”, “Inglorious”, and “Berzerker”. On Innovations, the pair will steer the aural seas through a specially curated and mixes first installment.

Learn more about Synfonic ahead of the release in our chat with them!

The compilation of tracks found on Innovations showcases some of Pharmacy Plus’ top releases. Many of these tunes can be found in the sets of heavy-hitting artists in the trance scene such as Paul van Dyk, Sean Tyas, Indecent Noise, John Askew, and more.

Innovations, Vol. 1: Mixed by Synfonic is set to be released via Beatport on November 27 and worldwide on December 12.

Innovations, Vol. 1: Mixed by Synfonic

Innovations Vol. 1 Mixed by Synfonic – Track List:

  1. Tim Bourne – Sages of Silvana
  2. Christopher Lawrence vs Fergie & Sadrian – Buenos Aires (Casey Rasch Remix)
  3. Stephane Badey – Galactika
  4. Synfonic – Metamorphosis
  5. Frost Raven – Nowhere to Hide (Hi-Tech Mix)
  6. Beamrider (Hassan Jewel Remix)
  7. Neos – Tequila
  8. Serjan – Neuroscape
  9. Awoken – Xenomorph
  10. Oberon – The Rest Strings of Fate (Project 8 Remix)
  11. Fergie & Sadrian – Blow Out
  12. Mark L – The Cutthroats
  13. Neos – Spartan Attack
  14. D’nial – Vector One
  15. Daniel Willmot – The Light in the Darkness
  16. Serjan – Lost in Translation
  17. Deathmind – Inside
  18. DubTek – Fear Factor (Fergie & Sadrian Remix)
  19. Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill – Commodity
  20. Martin Libsen – Dark Side of the Moon (Nueva Remix)
  21. Rafael Osmo – Avalanch
  22. Stardesign – Max Pain (TrancEye pres Skull Crusher Remix)
  23. Tektrix – Virus
  24. Vita – Victorious (Tektrix Remix)
  25. Rafael Osmo – Zinook
  26. Neos – Destructor (Allan McLuhan Remix)
  27. Synfonic – Innovations Vol.1 Continous DJ Mix Part 1
  28. Synfonic – Innovations Vol.1 Continous DJ Mix Part 2

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