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As plans and prepping for Dreamstate SoCal 2017 reach a fever pitch, it will be Vini Vici’s Part of the Dream Compilation that will usher us through the final month before the main event!

On October 6, 2017, North America’s largest dedicated trance brand, Dreamstate, released a collaboration with the iconic Copenhagen-based label, Iboga Records. The compilation from trance duo, Vini Vici, is unlike anything you have heard before. The 17-track collection, Part of the Dream, features eleven unreleased tracks from trance tastemakers like GMS, Freedom Fighters, Symbolic, and Liquid Soul, and appropriately serves as a soundtrack to the internationally renowned Dreamstate events.

Now, if you are like me, then I already know that your anticipation for this release had you literally foaming at the mouth! Just take one look at the artist list and it becomes vividly clear that this is a compilation packed full of unrelenting energy and psy-driven pizzaz! So come on a journey with me as we take a look at Dreamstate and Iboga Records present Part of the Dream, compiled by Vini Vici!

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Kicking off the compilation, Off Limits & Wilders get the psytrance vibes moving and grooving and already the energy is infecting every inch of my body!

Firing out of the gate we have “White Dwarf”, a piece by Off Limits & Wilders that stays true to our modern-day experience of the psytrance genre. The track blends together high temp riffs with an eclectic layer of pulse-pounding drums and tribal sounds and already it seems as if this peak time momentum will go on forever.

But suddenly, Symbolic answers back with “Function of Time”, putting the brakes on just a touch and bidding us into our subconscious to explore the transdimensional concept of time. I absolutely love the balance that unfolds as the rhythm breaks and the narrative creeps in, drawing our focus to a hypnotic build which gives way to a crystal clear…tick, tock, tick, tock. It is at this point that the magic happens, unleashing a drop that plows us through the latter half of the track, marrying sound bytes with consistent psytrance rhythm.

Vini Vici makes their debut on Part of the Dream with an eclectic stylized trance floor dynamo on “Ravers Army”.

It’s time to get weird as Vini Vici takes us on an uphill journey packed full of playful crescendos, gritty synths, choppy sounds, and yes, a grand chorus of voices that call out to an army of ravers. This just may be one of my favorites as you never know what is going to happen as the next bar unfolds. It is a track with unique character and one that stands alone in a sea of commonality.

In this moment, I ready my pulse for the next three dance floor offerings coming to us from some of the masters of the trance class including Liquid Soul on “Wake Up”, Bryan Kearney on “Adrenaline” (Phanatic Remix), and Christopher Lawrence and Orpheus on “Cosmic Dust”.

Liquid Soul keeps the party jumping as he plays on the dynamic beats that Vini Vici previously laid down with a track that boasts the most intense build that I have heard in a while. I feel like we have hit our first peak moment as “Wake Up” fades away and Phanatic’s remix of “Adrenaline” moves in for a bit of a breathing session.

Not to say that it doesn’t have insane energy running from start to finish, but on this one, we find more even tones and consistent rhythm. And it is Christopher Lawrence and Orpheus who place a delicious cherry on top of our chill session with an easy listening psytrance offering that inspires a moment of internal reflection.

Don’t rest on your laurels because as we enter the meat and potatoes section of Part of the Dream we are met with a vast array of Full-On and progressive psy that will keep you locked in for quite the momentous ride!

After being schooled with some “Techno Culture” by GMS and Shanti V Deedrah, Astrix and Ace Ventura sneak in to get in on all the fun with “Valley of Stevie”, taking progressive psy to uncharted heights with a piece that oozes with class and dependability. As angelic voices bid the track farewell we dive headfirst into “Namaha Shiva”, a Full-On psytrance experience delivered by none other than Israel’s own Static Movement. I don’t know what it is about this style but at this moment I can’t help but drop everything I am doing and have a one-woman dance party!

As the compilation presses on I am floored by the power behind many of the included tracks as Waio’s remix of Jordan Suckley’s “Ritual” blasts through the airwaves with a power session of drums and melodic uplift. It is here that Vini Vici makes the educated decision to bring us further into the outer reaches of the universe with Coming Soon!!! delivering the drug “D.M.T.” in its musical form.

At this point, we are flying higher than ever and the quirky sounds of Gaudium’s “Let Us All Unite” hold us tight in a pocket of out of body experiences and mental mayhem. I don’t ever want to come off of this musical high!

We have reached the point of no return and as the final tracks on Part of the Dream unfold, I am left suspended in a sea of ethereal beats.

As I linger in the clouds, Zyce and Morten Granau throw a lasso around my soul with some seriously dark psy on “Techno Kids” and slowly the heavy sounds take over my subconscious and I am transported into a realm where the shadows lurk. Freedom Fighters & Outsiders answer back on “Sticklights” and I begin to witness dark shadows taking form, morphing into an evil alien invasion! If you love your beats creepy and dark, it is these two tracks that will literally drive you insane!

It’s time to round out this massive collection of psy inspired musical delicacies as Animato & Ticon take their place on the roster with “The Given Moment”. Instantly we are thrown right back into the progressive sound, swirling us among a sea of harmonious melody and consistent tech-driven kicks.

Now, since this compilation was put together by the dynamic duo themselves, Vini Vici just had to make one more appearance with “Flashback”, a track that transports the mind into a nymph’s world full of imagination and wonder. Another one of my favorite tracks on this compilation, I loved the creative energy that was poured into this one. A true diamond that shines among a sea of jewels.

It is with Ghost Rider’s quirky character on “Make Us Stronger” that we bid farewell to a compilation that far exceeds all expectations, and as I wipe the sweat off of my face, I realize that I have never been so ready for Dreamstate SoCal!

It isn’t very often that a compilation keeps me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, and Vini Vici hit the nail on the head with each track that they have chosen to include in this package. Come November, Vini Vici will be just one of the major psytrance acts that will grace the stage at Dreamstate SoCal. If Part of the Dream offers up any inclination of what we can expect from their set this year, then you can catch me front and center getting down and dirty to the almost alien sound of the underground!

What did you think of Dreamstate and Iboga Records present Part of the Dream, compiled by Vini Vici? Let us know in the comments!

Vini Vici – Part of the Dream Tracklist:
  1. Off Limits & Wilders – White Dwarf
  2. Symbolic – Function of Time
  3. Vini Vici – Ravers Army
  4. Liquid Soul – Wake Up
  5. Bryan Kearney – Adrenaline (Phanatic Remix)
  6. Christopher Lawrence & Orpheus – Cosmic Dust
  7. GMS & Shanti V Deedrah – Techno Culture
  8. Astrix & Ace Ventura – Valley of Stevie
  9. Static Movement – Namaha Shiva
  10. Jordan Suckley – Ritual (Waio Remix)
  11. Coming Soon – DMT
  12. Gaudium – Let Us All Unite
  13. Zyce & Morten Granau – Techno Kids
  14. Freedom Fighters & Outsiders – Sticklights
  15. Animato & Ticon – The Given Moment
  16. Vini Vici & Pixel – Flashback
  17. Ghost Rider – Make Us Stronger

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