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“Flash” is a Green Velvet track that defined an era and will never lose its luster as the years come and go!

In our ever-evolving dance music scene, tracks will come and go. Some will linger on for a few years while others will get lost in the vast array of releases being put out every day at an almost alarming rate. But, every once in a while a song will come along that proves that time holds no barrier when weighing its relevancy among the dance-driven masses. And very few, like Green Velvet’s “Flash”, will claim its spot in history as being one of the most recognizable and celebrated tracks to ever hit the airwaves, never ceasing to ignite a frenzy of insanity on the dance floor even 22 years after its release!

Recently, I was listening to an episode of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s radio show, Sexy By Nature, and I was blown away when I heard those all too familiar beats of “Flash”. It was then that I realized that “Flash” has become a staple for not only the techno scene but for the dance music industry as a whole, breaking down boundaries and showcasing to the world the timeless wonder of a track that in a sense, makes light of the dark counterculture rave scene that had earned such a bad rap back in the days of the underground.

Green Velvet invokes dark humor, shedding light on an era misunderstood by the mainstream.

Back in 1995, Green Velvet harnessed the negative views stirred up by the mainstream culture and alongside a team of extraordinary songwriters, crafted a track that with a little bit of humor, places the rave scene in a “freak show” scenario, calling the mainstream to peek inside and become privy to all the “awful” things that go on during a rave. For those who are a part of the counterculture, this track became an instant hit, as those who understood the true calling of the rave scene would understand the humor in the lyrics, ultimately earning “Flash” the crown as one of the greatest techno tracks to be born out of the 90’s era.

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Green Velvet – “Flash” Lyrics:
Good evening parents
Tonight I’m gonna take you on a tour of club Bad
Where the bad little kiddies go
By various means and methods, any means necessary
Some things that you quite won’t be accustomed to
So I’ve equipt each and every one of you with your own individual cameras
So that you can take pictures of these bad little kiddies
Doing these bad little things for tomorrow’s paper
So whip out your 15 dollars
And prepare to enter club Bad
Would you know it, not here than more than 30 seconds
And already I see a bad little kid doing bad little things
He is sucking on a balloon
Now this is not an ordinary balloon parents it’s a balloon filled with a gas called
it’s a balloon filled with a gas called
nitrous oxide
Laughing gas (He he he ha ha)
But this is no laughing matter
Cameras ready prepare to flash
Now over here we have little Johnny and miss Sue smoking on a joint
This is not the thing to do
I think that we have to take pictures of these two
Cameras ready prepare to flash
Now over here we have some naughty naughty kids
They brought in their own liquor to the park
Now we can not have that now can we
Six packs and pints I think not so
Cameras ready prepare to flash

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