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Justin Jay embraces his craft with Home, a 14-track epic journey through colorful, emotive soundscapes that show off aspects of his musicianship like you’ve never seen them before.

Today, Justin Jay released his second album, Home, on his own Fantastic Voyage imprint. The 14-track album showcases a wide array of sounds and moods, from light, almost airy compositions like “Home Pt. 1” to the complex, multi-layered groove of “Apologies” and everything in between.

Fans of Justin’s unique sound have no doubt noticed the producer’s evolution with the singles released ahead of the album, such as the psychedelic rock-inspired Time and the hyper-emotive Stuck Inside My Head. This new album represents a bit of a departure from the sound that first made him popular while still holding true to his signature.

Stream Home via Spotify or purchase via your favorite platform here.

As with all journeys, there is a story behind that, too – despite having achieved considerable success with his first album, Fantastic Voyage, Justin still felt that something was not quite right. Anxiety and stress found him canceling tour dates and moving back into his parents’ house to take a step back, which resulted in the new, raw sound that listeners will find represented in Home.

As a result, Home feels more like a rock album than your typical electronic album, featuring songs instead of tracks and live instruments instead of just synthesizers. Collaborations with friends and fellow artists Benny Bridges, Josh Taylor, and Hila Plitmann are sprinkled throughout, and Justin provides his own vocals for many of the tracks, as well, lending the feeling that we are truly getting a glimpse inside his head.

In addition to the release of the album, Justin Jay and friends have created a DIY video for “Ease Up”, which you can view below!

Stream or purchase Home, and make sure to check out his tour dates so you can catch Justin Jay when he brings his live band to a city near you!

Home Tracklist:
  1. Home Pt. 1
  2. Ease Up ft. Josh Taylor
  3. Can’t Hang
  4. Stuck Inside My Head
  5. Time (Prelude) ft. Benny Bridges
  6. Time
  7. Flowers
  8. Cool
  9. Apologies
  10. Hey My Friend
  11. Back On Track ft. Josh Taylor
  12. Drive
  13. One Day ft. Hila Plitmann
  14. Home Pt. 2

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