Kaskade Redux EP 002
Kaskade’s Redux EP 002 is even better than the first one – each track as amazing as the last!

Kaskade made an exciting announcement last week that he is dropping his Redux EP 002. What is Redux you might ask? Well, as Kaskade explains, there was something wrong with playing the same banging festival set that he would play for tens of thousands of people, for the smaller and more intimate after parties. So, he created his Redux sound, a more deep house chill style that still keeps you dancing throughout the night. His first Redux EP dropped two years ago, so we were more than ready for some more from Kaskade in the second installment!

The Redux EP 002 is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Tidal. Hopefully, we’ll see it up on SoundCloud soon as well! The EP will also be available to pre-order on vinyl later today.

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I have fond memories of the Kaskade’s Redux sets I’ve seen, both of which were surprise closing sets at EDC Las Vegas. The first was in 2016 when he played the Sky Bridge, a raised tree house-like platform on the grass near the Cosmic Meadow stage. That was the first I’d heard of Kaskade’s more chilled out sound, and I absolutely loved it. It was perfect for the end of the night vibes, the sun was rising slowly as we all came together in this little Kaskade curated oasis. I loved how he played chilled out versions of his beloved tracks like “Last Chance” and “Eyes” along with his Redux tracks, still integrating many types of his music. He played a similarly amazing Redux set at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, this time closing out the entire festival at the Kaliope art car.

EDC Las Vegas
Kaskade Redux Surprise Sunrise Set at EDCLV 2016
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

Kaskade released his new Redux EP 002 today, September 1, on Arkade. Throughout the week, Kaskade teased a few tracks from the EP, including two versions of the track “Nobody Like You”. One of the versions is a Sun Soaked Mix, which is a tribute to his one-day Sun Soaked beach party event in Long Beach this past summer. The Sun Soaked Mix is definitely more upbeat and feel good take on the original; if you close your eyes you might just feel like you’re on a beautiful sunny beach in California.

Two of the tracks, “Tell Me” and “Gone” are collaborations with Late Night Alumni, the downtempo house group composed of four members, one of whom is Kaskade himself. The vocals from Finn Bjarnson and Becky Jean Williams playing off each other in both tracks make for a truly splendid effect, the sweet female vocals of Becky meshing perfectly with the lower tones of Finn. And of course, Kaskade’s smooth production brings the tracks together in the best way possible.

My personal favorite is “Show of Hands“, which is definitely the most fun and funky of the six. It’ll get you up on your feet and grooving to the beat no questions asked! Can’t say it any better than Kaskade in his tweet about the track: “WARNING: this track jacks!”

As a whole, the Redux EP 002 is a remarkable work of art. From start to finish, it’s some of the best music I’ve heard all year – Kaskade has truly outdone himself with this one. The production value in each track is top of the line, and each has its own distinctive feel while still staying with the chilled out house vibe. The vocals in each are beautiful, calming, and passionate as is consistent in all of Kaskade’s music.

I can’t wait to experience the tracks of the Redux EP 002 live at a Redux show sometime soon. My eyes are peeled for upcoming tour dates!

Kaskade – Redux EP 002 Tracklist:

  1. Nobody Like You (2:59)
  2. Show of Hands – with LoKii, Mr. Tape (3:22)
  3. Tell Me – with Late Night Alumni (3:47)
  4. Play With Me (3:15)
  5. Gone – with Late Night Alumni (3:03)
  6. Nobody Like You – Sun Soaked Mix (4:01)

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