BONNIE X CLYDE have officially released massive tune, “Bass Jam” for your listening pleasure!

Oh boy, oh boy do we have a late-night find for you! BONNIE X CLYDE, who have been clearly rising to superstardom over the past year, just dropped a monster track that is sure to help them reach even higher heights, “Bass Jam“. This fresh vocal bass track released on Insomniac Records follows up their track, “Tonight“, which debuted on the Discovery Project Release Series back in August of last year. Bonnie provides the sultry vocals to the track, while Clyde brought the epic production elements that really push the track forward. When the two elements from Bonnie and Clyde are blended together, the vocals act as a perfect lead-in to the bass drop that is sure to get anyone vibing along with it. “Bass Jam” is a surefire hit, and shows off the chemistry the duo has in the production studio too.

Whether you caught them at Life In Color Miami last month, closed out 2016 with them at Countdown, or have followed them since their set at Nocturnal Wonderland last year, it’s fairly obvious that this duo is not stopping anytime soon.

For those of you who are unaware of how awesome BONNIE X CLYDE are, get to know them in our featured interview with the duo HERE!

“I immediately started writing this track based off of thoughts from when I was in high school… The not knowing what was going to happen in my future, not knowing what I would do with the rest of my life but just knowing that I was young and had to live it up while I could. Along with those feelings, we knew we wanted it to hit at festivals production wise. We wanted it to tie back to the music and to our love of bass music; how it makes us feel alive & powerful. The large bass hits in the drop and the continued lyrics ‘Where do we go from here?’ really brings us back to those times & never-ending nostalgia.”


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