Nifra let us peek into her world of music discovery to find out which tracks she’s been loving ahead of her set at Avalon Hollywood this weekend!

Ever wonder what your favorite famous artists are into at any given moment? Curious about what the artists you listen to are jamming out to? I always wanted to know where my favorite artists get their inspiration from and what music helps them take their own to the next level. Nifra, one of my favorite trance producers from Coldharbour Recordings, wanted to share just that!

As a female rocking the DJ world, I’ve always thought Nifra to be a leader in the EDM community. She’s talented, driven, and relentlessly dedicated to her craft…which is why, naturally, I couldn’t wait to learn more about what keeps her moving and grooving!

To learn more about Nifra, check out our exclusive interview with her HERE!

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Her progressive trance tunes consistently take the scene by storm, but read Nifra’s thoughts on the tracks in the playlist below:
  1. Paul Thomas & Alex Di Stefano – Shining (Anske Remix)
    Anske is one of the most exciting up and coming artists in the trance scene and I when I received this new remix I was blown away.”
  2. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic
    “You can’t go wrong with these three artists. I already loved their first collaboration “Event Horizon” so I got really excited when they teamed up for the second one.”
  3. Seven Lions & Jason Ross ft Paul Meany – Higher Love
    “Great production and beautiful songwriting. This will be definitely one of the biggest vocal songs this year.”
  4. Markus Schulz ft Delacey – Favorite Nightmare (Fisherman & Hawkins Remix)
    “Just the entire combination of these artists screams pure quality and Delacey is always on top of her game.”
  5. Mike EFEX – Blackstone
    “This track has been in my sets since it was released. Great one from my fellow Coldharbour artist”
  6. Markus Schulz ft Brooke Tomlinson – In The Night (4 Strings Remix)
    “4 Strings delivered a huge remix on this one. When I heard this live for the first time I felt instant happiness. Love the vibe!”
  7. Orkidea – Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
    “That groove! I don’t think I need to explain why I love this song.”
  8. Daxson – Skygarden
    “Another up and coming talent from the UK. Absolutely love his first release on the Coldharbour imprint.”
  9. Artento Divini – Hypercube
    “I do like a good pitch bend and glad to see Artento back doing trance again.”
  10. Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet (Markus Schulz vs. Arkham Knights Remix)
    “I’m glad the guys did a remix of this massive song!”

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Christine first fell in love with EDM at 6 years old when she heard her older cousin blasting trance and techno. Since then, she’s explored all avenues of EDM and found favorites in Above & Beyond, Andrew Bayer, Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, and Deadmau5. Moving from Chicago to San Diego expanded her love for the EDM world with its greater access to concerts and festivals. In addition to being a contributor to EDMID, Christine is a registered nurse practicing holistic medicine as well as a nutritionist who contributes to professional publications like One Stop Paleo Shop and Fit365. She can usually be found at festivals like Escape From Wonderland and EDC in bright and sparkly outfits of her own creation trading Kandi and shuffling the night away under the electric sky.

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