Markus Schulz’s “In The Night” Gets The Remix Treatment!

In The Night

Straight off of the ‘Watch The World’ album, “In The Night” has received the remix touch with 5 new renditions dying for your attention! 

In The Night“, dubbed anthem number three, after “Erase You” and “Nothing Without Me“, has quickly become one of the stand-out productions from Markus Schulz‘s 6th studio album Watch The World. With heightened popularity comes the natural necessity for some remix action, and boy did this track get some major action!! With 5 new renditions of an original that has been heard in clubs and festivals all over the world, this lot of artists certainly had their work cut out for them. Among the talent, we find a scene legend by the name of 4 Strings, as well as established trance maestro Eddie Bitar. But, we also have some talented newcomers dipping their feet into the remix pool and these artists include Dave Neven, Kerfo, and Peter Kontor. Now, before we get into the remixes let’s cleanse our pallet and check out the exciting music video for Markus Schulz featuring Brooke Tomlinson – “In The Night”.

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The Remixes:

Holland’s own Carlo Resoort aka 4 Strings takes the lead and gets the party started as we dive into quite the hodge-podge of “In The Night” remixes. 4 Strings does the track some major justice as he doesn’t mess too much with the melody but instead, adds some of his very own 4 Strings flavor making this the perfect remix for those looking for just a touch of something different. But, for those of you looking for more of an uplift, Dave Neven has got you covered. One of the most recent additions to Markus’ SMG collective, Dave Neven dives right in with his energy packed rendition taking the listener on a wild ride as the initial driving beat and hypnotic voice of Brooke Tomlinson cuts out and then suddenly catapults you into the latter half of the track where the melody takes over, lifting you to the farthest height of trance heaven.

For the 3rd remix, Eddie Bitar flips the track on its head, delivering a cool, dark, psy modification that is to die for. Although the lyrics seem a bit rushed at points, it is the unique change in beat patterns that really sucked me into to this piece. Eddie Bitar’s attention to detail on this remix is impeccable and even with so much going on throughout the production this remix has me going back for multiple plays. Moving right along, Kerfo answers back with his rendition, taking the piece off the trance reservation and replanting it onto a housier, all-day-play territory. With an easy listening melody, this remix is perfect for a warm day at the beach with good friends and chill vibes. Rounding out the remix package we have Chicago’s own Peter Kontor adjusting its polarity, delivering a sleek, progressive version with an aetherial twist. The tone stays dark throughout the track with a driving beat that listeners can grab on to and ride out without the need for all the extra bells and whistles.

Now that you have a sneak peak of each track lets dive right in and let the music speak for itself! And if you like what you hear, please leave us a comment and let us know which remix you have chosen as your favorite!

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