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EDC Las Vegas 2021 neonGARDEN

Absorb the Rhythm of the NeonGARDEN Ahead of EDCLV 2022

House and techno lovers will unite on the dancefloor at EDC Las Vegas' neonGARDEN stage and we have the music to prepare you for the groove!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 neonGARDEN

Find a Darker Groove with This EDCLV 2021 neonGARDEN Playlist

In honor of the dazzling EDC Las Vegas 2021 lineup, we’ve curated a playlist for each stage and today we bring you the sounds of the neonGARDEN!
EDC Las Vegas 2018 neonGARDEN

Escape to EDCLV’s House & Techno Oasis, neonGARDEN

The neonGARDEN is a house and techno lovers one-stop shop at EDC Las Vegas and we have the beats to get you pumped for the party!
EDC Orlando 2017 neonGARDEN

Explore the Sounds of the neonGARDEN at EDC Orlando 2018

EDC Orlando is on the horizon and Insomniac is getting everyone pumped up for the neonGARDEN stage with this sick playlist!
EDC Orlando 2016

EDC Orlando 2017 || Daily Lineups & Trailer

EDC Orlando releases their 2017 daily lineups, including new ARTCAR lineup additions and the official trailer! With just over a...

EDC Las Vegas 2017 || Daily Lineups By Stage Released!

Want to know exactly who is playing each stage at EDC Las Vegas every day? You're in luck! While we...
EDC Las Vegas 2016 neonGARDEN Techno Stage

Factory 93 To Host neonGARDEN Stage At EDC Las Vegas 2017! [Officially Confirmed]

House and techno lovers rejoice! Factory 93 will be bringing you some quality beats at EDC Las Vegas' neonGARDEN...
EDC Las Vegas 2016

Pasquale Rotella Leaks Dreamstate Stage For EDC Las Vegas! [Officially Confirmed]

If you've been following Pasquale's Instagram closely, you'll know that he loves to leak some exciting news from time...
EDC Orlando 2016

EDC Orlando 2016 || kineticTEMPLE Stage Revealed!

EDC Orlando is happening in less than a month and we are nothing but excited for this year's edition! Today,...