Catching Up with WHIPPED CREAM After Her New Single “CRY”


WHIPPED CREAM stopped by to chat after the release of her most vulnerable track to date, “CRY,” on Monstercat.

WHIPPED CREAM has been a driving force in the dance music industry and continues to keep things hot and fresh. In 2020 she dropped the WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM? EP that sparked a turning point in her career as she challenged herself in her music while maintaining a signature style. Since then she’s found a stride with even more impressive releases after finding that she’s been most creative in the early hours of the morning.

Earlier this year, WHIPPED CREAM dropped her collab “Hold Up” with Moore Kismet, UNIIQU3, and Big Freedia, a real power move that brought together different styles of artists for a total banger. “I originally created the beat and from there I wanted to bring a powerhouse team of vocalists that all related to the message of the song,” she said in regards to the track’s creation. “It was great to find out some of my closest artist friends relate to me so much.”

Now, WHIPPED CREAM shows her vulnerable side to the public with her new release, “CRY,” out now on Monstercat. WHIPPED CREAM takes to a deeper level with this track, compared to the heavier tunes she’s known for. This track takes on an exploration of inner strength and protection of the soul, shedding tears for no one. Angelic, echoing vocals melodize on top of eerie buildups that drop into powerful, yet smooth basslines carrying a heavy timbre that matches the emotive message of the song.

The best songs come from your own life experiences, and this is one of them. I’ve grown stronger and smarter because of it and this is what “CRY” is about. 

WHIPPED CREAM is also breaking into the gaming world with her part of the Monstercat Crossover Pass and having her own avatar being made in the new game Paladins.

With this collab of music and AI, WHIPPED CREAM is interested in seeing “how far they will go together”, and that “the future is looking bright” in terms of future projects similar to this collaboration. Describing her inspiration with her music growing up, WHIPPED CREAM said that she was inspired “more so by movies,” but they “do go hand in hand when developing a unique soundtrack.”

With the energy this song holds, we should expect boundary-breaking ideas from WHIPPED CREAM in the future. This year she’s scheduled to take the stage at massive festivals such as Ultra Miami and Coachella, with her saying that “each set is its own movie and each has its own soundtrack.”

With that comes a new experience with each show and knowing that I have to be my best for each new fan. There is nothing like being on stage in front of people who allow me to do this!


As for her plans for the rest of 2022, WHIPPED CREAM is looking to ascend to even greater heights. “This year you can expect me to be the best me I’ve ever been,” she said. “The music will always be unexpected and artistically, I’m more aligned with my vision than ever before. I can’t wait for the future.” Stay tuned to her socials for the latest updates and releases, you won’t want to miss her this year.

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