DJs For Ukraine Livestream Charity Event Announced

DJ's For Ukraine Livestream

The dance music community unites via DJs For Ukraine – a livestream event on Twitch to raise funds for injured and displaced Ukrainians.

The war raging in Ukraine is nothing short of an absolute travesty; a humanitarian crisis that has filled the world with anger and sadness. Many have watched with tears in their eyes as innocent lives continue to be taken without cause – while others are looking to support those who were affected by the unprovoked attack. That’s exactly what Atlanta’s Jason Adamchak, Emerald Summers Presents, and AstralFusion Productions, plan to do with the DJs For Ukraine livestream on Twitch.

DJs For Ukraine is a multi-genre raid train event, set to run from March 8-10, with 100% of the donations going to the Do Good Fund: Ukraine Aid. The Do Good Fund supports the efforts of several organizations that are working to provide humanitarian aid and medical care, ship emergency supplies, and give overall relief and recovery support for the people of Ukraine. The organizations included in this fund have been vetted, so you can rest assured that your donation will make it to the right place.

I was at the gym, and of course, the news was playing, and it struck a nerve that so many innocent lives are being a victim of a war no one asked for, and I wanted to make sure I could make a difference and create awareness of what is happening as well as help raise money. Even though we are miles away from Ukraine, it does not mean we cannot show our support and make a change. I believe music has the power to change the world and push people in the right direction, and that is what this livestream event is all about and why I created it. It has also been so beautiful to see everyone come together to help each other and make this event possible.

– Jason Adamchak

With a crew of incredibly talented beatmakers from around the country ready to pump some serious energy through your speakers, they plan to give Ukraine all the PLUR they can as they stand in solidarity and do their part for the betterment of the world. Continue on for the full lineup, schedule (in EST), and Twitch channels, and head over to the DJs For Ukraine event page for more information. And if you can’t make it to the livestream, just head over to Tiltify to make a donation if you’d like to support.

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