Paul Oakenfold Wants You to ‘Shine On’ with His New Album

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Paul Oakenfold enlists some of the biggest names in music for his earth-shattering album, Shine On – out now via his imprint, Perfecto Records.

Globally renowned DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold has become a household name through his momentous career spanning over four decades and is one of the most successful, iconic artists of our time. His production portfolio features work with massive artists like Cher, Madonna, and U2 among countless others while his solo releases have gained plenty of praise as well. Touring the world, he has had once-in-a-lifetime performances including a set at the base camp of Mount Everest and at Stonehenge.

Paul Oakenfold welcomes 2022 with a massive new album, Shine On, on his imprint, Perfecto Records. He teased fans with the release of two singles prior to the full album release. The first was “I’m In Love,” an uplifting ballad featuring quintessential vocals from Aloe Blacc. Acting as one of the most danceable tracks of the album, it is sure to tug at your heartstrings with every beat. The second single release, “I’m Into It,” is a collaboration with the illustrious ZHU and Velvet Cash which offers a mystique that differs from other tracks on the album.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position where I’m able to work with this caliber of vocalists and producers – from legends like Benny Benassi to Eve to Cee Lo Green and Aloe Blacc. ‘Shine On’ has been a labor of love for me over the past two years, and a new album is just as exciting for me now, three decades plus into my career, as it was for me at the start.

Paul Oakenfold

Be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind album on Spotify below or your favorite streaming platform, and let us know your favorite track in the comment section.

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“Zanzebaar” sets the scene for Shine On with a fast-paced, Egyptian-style soundscape.

Zanzebaar” sets an adventurous tone and alludes to the notable diversity throughout the rest of the album. The title track, “Shine On” follows with a spine-tingling bass line and sophisticated vocals from Baby E. With an epic build-up, the emotional lyrics echo through your body and create a sentimental mindset as it fades into “Waterfall.” Featuring rich vocals from Lizzy Land accompanied by piano and a string section, this graceful track tells a tender love story and evokes a calming presence.

White Lights” utilizes pop vocals backed by grandiose classical instrumentation partnered with an iconic electronic backbeat. This track, along with “Get To You” stands as a testament to Oakenfold’s ability to blend genres. This tune is nostalgic and perfect for a rainy day, as it tells a love story with relatable lyrics, but overcomes each sense to make it more than just an ordinary electronic tune. Oakenfold delves deeper into his production talents with “The World Can Wait” featuring vocalist Louis Fonsi. Offering a soundscape reminiscent of a picturesque, fairytale sunset with a melodic backdrop.

Cassandra Fox lends her electric vocals for “Touch Me,” which serves as a turning point in the album as it utilized a more electronic feel while still blending classical elements. The haunting strings section, echoing piano, and strong tempo bring the piece together. The piano turns more frantic as “Anywhere But Here” begins before Little Nikki‘s vocals overwhelm. Featuring the typical elements of a mainstage electronic track, the drop builds up as her voice fades from an emotional to a harder tone.

Planet 23 and Angel.i.n.o‘s remix of Angelmoon’s “He’s All I Want” is a stunner.

Starting off in a mystical manner, this remix of “He’s All I Want” is sure to make you yearn for being back in a club and dancing the night away. It bridges in an early 2000’s pop styling with voicemail-type vocals before the disco beat builds up again before fading into “Pray For Me.” This ballad uses an intense build-up to maintain an epic feeling throughout as Velvet Cash’s vocals once again pirouette as if an instrument in itself. “Moment” offers Lizzy Land’s eerie flurrying vocals, matching the background vocals. The high hat and space-like synths send listeners into another dimension before the soothing drop effortlessly radiates.

Another renowned artist, Benny Benassi, teams up with BB Team to remix Paul Oakenfold’s “Hypnotic,” which features vocals Zach Salter and Azealia Banks. Using elements from the disco era with piercing laser beam synths, this track offers a transition into the club arrangements of this versatile album. Rico Love‘s echoes correspond with the piercing synths in “Cry Love” in a big room-style track that offers elements of rock while maintaining Studio 54 soundscapes.

Showing off his ability to produce in diverse genres, Paul Oakenfold enlists rap vocalist Eve for quirky lyrics in “What’s Your Love Like.” Matched with vocals from Baby E, the drop takes you into a real-life video game with a fast-paced tempo and animated synths. The final track on the album proves to be one of the most unique, “Falling” fits the drum and bass genre to a tee. With a cheeky blend of disco, CeeLo Green makes this track an undeniable hit with its computerized synths. It is the perfect way to end this exceptional album.

Shine On is truly a testament to Paul Oakenfold’s remarkable career.

Paul Oakenfold doesn’t skip a beat when experimenting with various genres to create an undeniable work of art. He knows no bounds when it comes to breaking barriers in electronic music. Dipping his toe in nearly all musical avenues, Paul Oakenfold alludes to his career of writing movie soundtracks, producing for other artists, and his decades-long solo career through each track of this album.

Paul Oakenfold – Shine On – Tracklist:

  1. Zanzebaar
  2. Shine On (Feat. Baby E)
  3. Waterfall (Orchestral Mix) (Feat. Lizzy Land)
  4. White Lights
  5. Get To You
  6. The World Can Wait (Oakenfold x Kilanova Mix) (With Louis Fonsi)
  7. Touch Me (Feat. Cassandra Fox)
  8. Anywhere But Here (Feat. Little Nikki)
  9. He’s All I want (Planet 23 & Angel.i.n.o 2021 Remix) (With Angelmoon)
  10. Pray For Me (With Zach Salter)
  11. Moment (Feat. Lizzy Land)
  12. I’m In Love (Feat. Aloe Blacc)
  13. I’m Into It
  14. Hypnotic (Benny Benassi & BB Team Remix) (Feat. Azealia Banks and Zach Salter)
  15. Cry Love (Feat. Rico Love)
  16. What’s Your Love Like (Feat. Eve & Baby E)
  17. Falling (Feat. CeeLo Green)
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