Oroto Showcases USTEMPO in Fiery Guest Mix


Oroto enters the new year by delivering an energetic guest mix that showcases USTEMPO, a brand-new hard dance subgenre brewing in America.

There’s been a brand-new hard dance subgenre cooking under the radar in America going by the name of USTEMPO, which was coined by Oroto due to it being the “Americanized” version of uptempo. This subgenre is characterized by vicious uptempo speeds accompanied by halftime drums that give the illusion of a slower pace. It also has the potential to bridge the gap between bass music and hard dance music to create a unique and creative middle ground where the two styles meet but don’t clash.

Despite being a freshly created subgenre, USTEMPO has already gotten lots of attention in the scene. Just last year, the subgenre snuck its way onto the biggest hard dance stages in America, most notably during the epic b3b between Blvckjesus, WSHNGTN, and Crime Family at EDC Las Vegas, and the brutal debut of KAMI at EDC Orlando.

As for Oroto himself, he recently released a collaboration with The Freaky Bastard titled “Falcon” that also included an USTEMPO VIP on Offensive Rage Records. With this stamp of approval, he joins the ranks of American producers that have achieved the great accolade of releasing music on European hard dance record labels. With 2022 finally here, there’s no doubt that Oroto will start bringing more ears to this subgenre and in turn, more ears to the eclectic style of American hard dance.

Hard dance is everything to me, truly. It’s my friend circle, my daily driver, my strength. 4-to-the-floor kicks = infinite expression. The dedicated newcomers in the scene are going to completely change what hard dance represents in the states. In the near future, we’ll be hearing a lot more hardcore and uptempo from influential artists like Rollz Royce, Toumi, Schirmer, and AeroSway. When enough ears catch on to the sound – the sky’s the limit!


Crank up the volume and listen to get a taste of Oroto’s creation, USTEMPO, in the jam-packed debut of our new mix series centered on hard dance, Paradigm Shift.

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