Nostalgix Shines Brightly on ‘Black Mirror’ EP

Photo Credit: Natasha Dion

Nostalgix releases her spectacular, two-track Black Mirror EP on Deadbeats that’s arrived just in the nick of time for summer!

In a few short years, Nostalgix has cemented herself as a force within the bass house community as her relentless release schedule and electrifying style have made her a fan favorite. She’s recently had releases on Tchami’s Confession and AC Slater’s Night Bass, as well as IN / ROTATION, Dim Mak, and more. Additionally, her tracks such as “Dangerous,” “By Myself,” and “The Plug” are always a good time anytime they are played. Now, she’s continued to rapidly grow her discography with the Black Mirror EP, out now on Deadbeats.

Nostalgix revs up the EP with its title track “Black Mirror“, which kicks off with fiery lyrics from Waisu set alongside an ominous atmosphere of sounds. She wastes no time and jumps into the action with an energizing build that drives massive energy into the drop. The power of the thumping drums take over your entire body the minute they come in, you will have a hard time not dancing to this one!

On the EP’s second track, “Undercover,” Nostalgix links up with Bigredcap for the perfect bass house tune for the season! Vocals from Bigredcap take over the listener’s ears as the track slowly builds up into the grimy drop, which is absolutely impressive as she builds up the energy in style before it hits. On the drop itself, Nostalgix employs some superb acid house sounds paired with her trademark drums. It’s just one of those tunes that are oozing with playability from start to finish.

Based on Nostalgix’s track record, it’s clear she’ll continue to grow her catalog of songs in this year alone. Currently, she has upcoming performances at Hard Summer and Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge for later this year. So, if you’re attending those festivals go support her and catch a vibe.

Check Nostalgix’s new EP on Spotify or stream the release on your favorite platform, and let us know what you think of the tunes in the comments!

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