Floret Loret Takes Us on a Mystical Journey with ‘Undulations’

Floret Loret

Floret Loret continues to solidify his impressive sound design with his latest mau5trap endeavor, a two-track release dubbed Undulations.

Floret Loret is an artist who has become defined by his intricate, bass-heavy style which is truly unique and unmatched. Inspired by the flora and fauna around him, the Florida-based DJ and producer has mastered the art of taking listeners on a mystical, dreamy journey through sound.

While his sounds have graced labels like Gravitas Recordings and Bassrush Records, back in 2019 he also found a home on mau5trap, landing “Embers” on We Are Friends, Vol. 9. Now, Floret Loret is back on the imprint with the two-track Undulations EP, which’s filled with liquid bass, overarching melodies, and intricate beats that circle around each other for a deep, emotionally-driven listening experience. In just two tracks he seamlessly connects pensive and aggressive feelings with beauty and relief — making for a true work of art.

This is a 2-track single that was made during a very vulnerable time. I wanted to channel a dark, emotional mood throughout the entire project, making this feel like one big cohesive piece that is stuck in an endless loop.

Floret Loret

Take a listen to the tune below, stream or purchase Undulations on your favorite platform, and read on for a deeper dive into the release!

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Floret Loret gets right to business and dives “Into the Waters.”

“Into the Waters” starts with deep, ominous sounds — like the soundtrack you’d hear as a crocodile slithers through the water to attack its prey. The drums come in quickly, adding to the suspense. Then, just nearly a half-minute into the track, Floret Loret sends us right into the first drop. The bass seems to tease the ears, like something you can’t quite grab onto yet are so desperately yearning to catch — and it’s one heck of a ride. The momentum doesn’t slow down through the head-bobbing breakdown, and we’re taken to an even grittier and darker second drop. The aggressive mood of the track grabs your attention, preparing you for what’s to come.

“It Comes in Waves” takes us on a much more soothing, melodic journey — like a breath of fresh air.

The calming, echoing sounds of this intro are a stark contrast from the first track. Floret Loret says “It Comes in Waves” is one of his favorite tunes he’s ever written — and it’s easy to see why. Just when you think you’ve wrapped your head around it, a melodic element comes in completely, and effortlessly, changing the momentum with the slightest noises. As it ends, the drums start picking up again, bringing us full circle and back to the vibes of the first track.

Both the A- and B-sides of Undulations make you feel like you’re pushed and pulled by emotions, and instead of fighting it, simply allowing yourself to go with the flow. Even if it gets tumultuous at times, we’re left with the comfort that calmer waters are ahead. With that in mind, all that’s left to do is sit back and soak up every minute of this confusing, intriguing, mysterious journey of life — knowing that even the dark times have beauty and purpose.

But that’s not all — Floret Loret dropped a sample pack you can download for free on Bandcamp, and submit your beats to the legend himself.

If you’re a crafty producer yourself, Floret Loret wants to hear what you’ve got. From now until Sunday at 12:00pm PDT, you can download a free sample pack of sounds from the man himself. Get creative and make your own beats, and submit them to his Instagram @floret_loret_music, email Floretloretmusic@gmail.com, or Twitter @Floret_Loret. He’ll be going over them live on Instagram this Sunday at 12:00pm PDT, so if you feel called to create, now is your time to shine – and if you prefer to sit back and listen, be sure to tune into the IG Live. See you there!

Floret Loret - Undulations

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