Commemorate the Never Say Die: Black Label Legacy with a Free NFT

Never Say Die Black Label NFT

In an effort to make NFTs accessible, Never Say Die just dropped a free NFT commemorating the legacy of Never Say Die: Black Label!

Arguably the biggest thing that has hit the dance music community this year is the adoption of NFTs. These rare, digital collectibles continue to be explored by artists and labels such as deadmau5, Space Yacht, and Flume who have released NFTs in an auction-type format where the highest bidder wins rare the digital collectible. Never Say Die is taking this a step further and releasing an entirely free NFT, an industry first which also commemorates Never Say Die: Black Label which recently announced the end of their run.

Earlier this month, Never Say Die dipped their toes into the NFT pool with the release of their “Rebirth” collection on NiftyGateway. This was widely popular and sold out fairly fast. As they continue their NFT journey, Never Say Die has stated that they will be continuing releasing NFTs both for free and at affordable costs moving forward. This will allow fans to join in on the NFT craze without breaking the bank and is a superb way for the label to release some cool collectibles that people will enjoy.

The Black Label NFT will be available exclusively on Sweet and feature a fairly simple coin that has the years the label was active on it as well as the iconic Never Say Die: Black Label album art design. All you have to do is download the Sweet app and set up your account ahead of the drop. There will be 2,000 copies of this NFT available and there is no doubt these will be out quickly!

Head over to today to secure this entirely free, one-time-only NFT from Never Say Die: Black Label!

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