Player Dave Releases Debut Album ‘Where The Wind Blew Me’

Player Dave
Photo Credit: Shai Ben-David (archangel)

Let Player Dave take you away to an immersive soundscape brimming with a plethora of emotions on his debut album Where The Wind Blew Me.

While Player Dave may be a new name to some, for those that do know his sound they know the emotions it conveys. He has incredible production skills with a knack for sound design, and listening to his music is like floating down a river, surrounded by beautiful nature views. Because of this, he’s scored sets at festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, opening slot for CharlesTheFirst, and it also led to him becoming a member of the talented LostDogz crew.

After taking a brief hiatus to focus on himself, Player Dave is back with this debut album Where The Wind Blew Me. Not only can you hear the emotion that was put into this album but you can really feel it. Each track bringing a different emotion and sound, some feel lighter and some have that little something extra.

Tracks like “Dumb” show off a new side to Player Dave’s sound while “Boundless Perception” with FLY is the perfect mix of those sweet yet bass filled sounds. Additionally, tunes such as “Fracture” with Sumthin.Sumthin will have you craving the feeling of sun kissed skin in the summertime.

After a few years of collaborating together, Naseem (FLY) and I developed this sound that was noticeably different from either of our solo work. We got closer to what was in our heads each time we worked together and finally hit the nail on the head with ‘Boundless Perception’


Every track on Where The Wind Blew Me was beyond exceptional, but there were two tracks that really snagged my attention.

The first one that stood out was “Nasi Goreng” with Brakebill – I had instant goosebumps when I listened to it the first time. There are so many pieces of this track that fit so perfectly together, like the smooth, gritty beat that made me want to wiggle my entire body and the drums that Player Dave added in that are simply incredible to make the track extra special. I felt like I should be dancing in the desert to this, surrounded by a bunch of other humans losing themselves in it.

The second tune from this album that left a lasting impression was “An Ode To March.” It starts off with birds chirping and what sounds like waves moving in and out, almost as if emotions are being released and pulled away with the tide. All of a sudden these bubbly, chime-like sounds come in along with a subtle drum beat that makes you feel as light as feather and at peace. He ends the tune again with the sounds of the ocean which ties everything together perfectly.

Player Dave has such a wonderful ability to layer in so many different sounds and create beautiful masterpieces. He truly outdid himself with Where The Wind Blew Me and we cannot wait to see what’s next. Listen to the album on your preferred musical platform and let us know which track was your favorite in the comments!

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Player Dave – Where The Wind Blew Me – Tracklist:

  1. Where The Wind Blew Me
  2. An Ode To March
  3. Dumb
  4. Fracture – Player Dave & Sumthin.Sumthin
  5. Gili Thoughts – Player Dave & Brakebill
  6. Mutate
  7. Leadership
  8. Not My Problems
  9. Sylvia
  10. Nasi Goreng – Player Dave & Brakebill
  11. Boundless Perception – Player Dave & FLY
Player Dave - Where The Wind Blew Me
Album Art: moodydarkroom

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