Oliver Heldens Unveils HI-LO Remix Contest for “Athena”

Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens announced a remix contest for fellow producers to submit their unique take on his HI-LO single “Athena”!

Whether it’s cultivating a new label launch or another stunning release, Oliver Heldens is a man of many talents who never fails to deliver listeners with top-of-the-line tunes made to elevate any scene. During the pandemic, he continued that ride with some fantastic sets for fans to catch while minting a new label, OH2 Records along the way. To kick off 2021 in style, he looked to his HI-LO alias for a fresh tune dubbed “Athena” which landed on Octopus Recordings to the delight of techno lovers near and far.

Now, Oliver Heldens is ready to pump listeners by getting them to continue tapping their feet to “Athena” by announcing that he’s teamed up with Octopus to unveil an interactive remix contest for fellow producers to put their spin on the tune. Those who enter early will also have their chance for their remix to be given live feedback on Octopus Recordings’ Twitch channel from Oliver Heldens and Sian on February 2 and February 16, but the final date to enter the contest is Sunday, February 28.

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The winner will be announced on March 9 and will have their finalized remix placed in the forthcoming “Athena” remix package alongside two of techno’s finest, Ramon Tapia and Alex Stein. Producers looking to enter the contest and join in on the fun can head over to Octopus’ Discord channel to get the stems for the track and submit their rework.

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