Desert Hearts Black Brings Out the ‘Best of 2020’

Desert Hearts Black Best Of 2020

Desert Hearts Black is dancing in the shadows and unleashed Best of 2020, a compilation featuring Tim Engelhardt, Anakim, Rinzen, and more!

There’s been no better way than to shake off this year’s horrors than by listening to the sounds from Desert Hearts Black. This year the label has truly come into its own with releases in the realm of gritty, dark techno with Marbs and Evan Casey at the helm. The journey in 2020 began with Anakim’s debut Poseidon’s Revenge, a three-track showstopper that showed us that the future was bright. During the strange quarantine times in March, they gifted us all with Gateways Vol. 1, allowing for an escape from the madness, while highlighting fresh faces.

Then throughout the rest of the year, they continued to bring even more beats to immerse listeners from artists such as GNTN, Sammy Legs, Dance Spirit, and David Scuba, to name a few. Now, they’re celebrating their success with the release of Best of 2020. This compilation ties a bow on the releases that have graced the label over the course of the past 12 months from artists including Tim Engelhardt, Enamour, Anakim, Rinzen, Township Rebellion, and plenty more.

Listen to Desert Hearts Black’s Best of 2020 on Spotify, download the compilation on Beatport, and let us know which track hypnotized you most in the comments! 

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The songs on Best of 2020 will grip the soul of anyone who listens and haunt them to their core. So, let’s get into what Desert Hearts Black has to offer on their end of the year compilation!

The artists opening the compilation are no other than Marbs, Rinzen, and Evan Casey with “Ark.” This track brings a high-energy, prepare-for-lift-off vibe that will make you want to buckle up for the ride of your life before you dive into a techno tunnel in a mysterious haze. Tim Englehardt’s “Transmission 27” arrives next and lures listeners in with sharp claps with full-force snares that will have them in a state of mind control. Speakers reverberate even more soon after as Anakim dives in headfirst with “Poseidon’s Revenge” which presses on into a soundscape filled with a blend of chaos and stability.

As the album progresses, Marbs returns with a constant bassline that hits all the right syncopated waves for the memory to kick start on “Something and Nothing.” The melodic maze of sounds has the solo-traveler searching inward to the best of their ability. Another fascinating track is “Resonate” in which Rinzen produces malevolent yet angelic vocals that will leave listeners in a daze and lift them on a cloud floating into space. The energy found within this track brings a physical body high as the sound waves resonate throughout.

The following track from Arude and Vanice, “Longing for Desire,” envelops the ears in a blanket of comfort and clarity as the vocals play in contrast to its bassline. Next on the journey is Enamour’s upbeat “Life in the Machine.” In the song, he presents profound snares and hi-hats at a cadence that engulfs listeners before pulling them up with groovy guitar riffs that taper off from the bass and ride it to completion.

As we headway into the second half of Best of 2020, the momentum is flowing while the Artists’ craft is exquisite and ominous.

The compilation’s center boosts the pace with a unique remix from Berlin-based producer Andreas Henneberg who puts his spin on Marbs’ “Beyond the Wall.” This remix will have you dancing with your shadows all night long with its roaring, ghostly vibrato and deep pulsating bass that gasps for air before it drops into the dark abyss. There’s no hope for the return of one’s mind after hearing it. Shaded then keeps the swing energy moving forward immediately after with a cut of Tim Englehardt’s “Transmission 27,” which has a ricocheting chord progression that keeps the listener craving more with each passing second.

Township Rebellion’s “Mosaik” appears not once, not twice, but three times on the Best of 2020, a true testament to the astonishing nature of the tune.

It’s a no brainer that Township Rebellion delivered one of the best tracks of the year with the release of “Mosaik.” It placed their cutting edge production style front and center and clearly won over the hearts of the Desert Hearts Black family. While the original finds its placement towards the end, Rinzen’s cut of the tune lands first. He focuses on the meticulous delay that fades gently in the middle with a screeching sense of nostalgia and an arpeggio that later drops into an offering of vicious, yet luminous, kick-drums.

The compilation concludes with label heads Marbs and Evan Casey delivering the finishing blow with their edit of “Mosaik.” They slow down the tempo and packed strategically layered percussion with maracas and bongos that ultimately add to the heat finish the compilations with dire synths and hi-hats.

Dancing through dark days aren’t as bad when the Desert Hearts Black family is guiding the way.

The Best of 2020 compilation showcases the gritty, dark, and industrial tones that embody everything about Desert Hearts Black. Music like this makes life fulfilling and forces listeners to study the depths of their own mind as it searches for a new horizon through the sound. It’s set the tone for what’s to come in 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited!

Desert Hearts Black – Best of 2020 – Tracklist:

  1. Marbs, Evan Casey, Rinzen – Ark
  2. Tim Engelhardt – Transmission 27
  3. Anakim – Poseidon’s Revenge
  4. Marbs – Something for Nothing
  5. Rinzen – Resonate
  6. Arude – Longing for Desire ft. Vanice
  7. Enamour – Life in the Machine
  8. Lunar Plane – Phantom
  9. Marbs – Beyond the Wall (Andreas Henneberg Remix)
  10. Tim Engelhardt – Transmission 27 (SHADED Remix)
  11. DJ AroZe – My Shadow
  12. Mala Strana – Awakened
  13. Sammy Legs – Flux ft. Malley, Discodisiac
  14. David Scuba – Dimidium
  15. Township Rebellion – Mosaik (Rinzen Remix)
  16. Dance Spirit – Famous Last Words
  17. Marbs – Beyond the Wall
  18. Township Rebellion – Mosaik
  19. GNTN – Surround
  20. Emiliano Demarco – Abstract Worlds
  21. Township Rebellion – Mosaik (Marbs & Evan Casey Remix)
Desert Hearts Black Best Of 2020

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