Ghost in Real Life Crafts a Bass-Fueled Mix for This Is Home

Ghost In Real Life

Los Angeles-based artist Ghost in Real Life takes us on a journey filled with heavy drops and plenty of wubs in this bass-fueled This Is Home mix!

When you look at the vast landscape of the dance music scene in Los Angeles, it can be a bit overwhelming. While it’s easy to look at the massive names that call the City of Angels home, there are plenty of gems that are being unearthed on a daily basis among the rising stars who reside there as well. One of those artists is Ghost in Real Life.

No stranger to crafting up mixes and original productions that are sonically out of this world, Ghost in Real Life might be one of the freshest faces in the scene but is quickly beginning to turn heads. Her unique blend of trap and other bass styles makes the releases in her discography memorable, and the livestreams for collectives like Baked Up she’s played this year has further proven she’s up to great things.

This year alone has seen Ghost in Real Life release “I’m Tha Ghost” along with remixes of tracks like “Throw It All Away” and “Rise Up,” but her most recent collaboration “Unholy” is one that everyone should be taking note of. Teaming up with kleøpatra, she combines her powerful vocals with a hard-hitting dubstep beat to create a track that blurs the line between losing yourself in your emotions and headbanging away. Now, she’s helping close down the end of the year with a mix that’s filled to the brim with stunners while also reflecting on her life in LA.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about three years now and one thing I’ve noticed is that there are many sides to LA. LA can be very intense, the weak don’t survive here often. It’s also quite the party scene and also not all bad. There can be some really nice calm and beautiful moments in LA, so I wanted to represent all sides of LA in this mix and the energy that it brings.

Ghost in Real Life

Listen to Ghost in Real Life’s exclusive This Is Home guest mix below and follow her on socials to stay up to date with the latest release that will be arriving in the future!

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