BrunchBeatz Satiates Appetites with ‘The Menu: Re-Scrambled’


BrunchBeatz enlists blurrd vzn, Yewz, and more to deliver remixes that will satisfy all your bass music cravings on The Menu: Re-Scrambled.

Thanksgiving may be over, but get your plates ready – there are some new dishes to get a helping of beats from courtesy of BrunchBeatz. Already establishing his name as the next big name in the bass scene with the release of The Menu, his debut EP that showcased three heavy dubstep tracks that filled the hungry bellies of bass fans everywhere. Now, he’s looked to other artists to put their spin on the tracks and serve up The Menu: Re-Scrambled, the latest edition of Electric Hawk‘s The Nest series.

The Menu: Re-Scrambled features four farm-fresh “re-scrambles” to the rising bass artist’s debut EP, making for a collection of tasty bass bangers that will surely satiate your cravings. New flavors can be found for hit tracks “Toasted” and “Burnt” which both receive two remixes alike as the artists season them with their own unique takes.

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While Dennett revamps the heavy-hitting “Burnt” with melodic glitches and fun vocal samples while Acrillics and Hearsay infuse the track with a drum and bass beat that will have you getting up on your feet to work off the calories. “Toasted” sees blurrd vzn add his own spice with a trap influence that perfectly complements the experimental wubs delivered by Yewz on his rendition of the track. Bon Appetit!

Check out The Menu: Re-Scrambled on SoundCloud below, download a copy of the release for free, and let us know in the comments which re-scramble is your favorite!

Stream BrunchBeatz – The Menu: Re-Scrambled on SoundCloud:

BrunchBeatz – The Menu: Re-Scrambled – Tracklist:

  1. Burnt (Dennett Re-Scramble)
  2. Burnt (Acrillics & Hearsay Re-Scramble)
  3. Toasted (blurrd vzn Re-Scramble)
  4. Toasted (Yewz Re-Scramble)
BrunchBeatz The Menu Re-Scrambled EP

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