CASTER Holds Nothing Back on ‘Black Sands’ EP


CASTER continues their path of domination this year with the release of the Black Sands EP that’s out now on Ophelia Records!

CASTER is an enigma of a DJ. Their identity is shrouded in complete mystery and they prefer that the music does the talking for them. Having made their debut only a little under a year ago with “The Summoning,” the buzz surrounding CASTER has grown immensely. Regardless of their identity, the music behind this artist is impeccable as it combines elements from psytrance, dubstep, mid-tempo, melodic bass, and trap effortlessly, all while garnering the attention of Excision’s Subsidia Records and Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records.

On their new EP that’s out now on Ophelia Records, Black Sands, CASTER pulls listeners in using hypnotizing spells that are sure to leave listeners spooked, but also craving more. Filled with dark, heavy bass tones that take references from sorcery and witchcraft, you cannot help but be mystified when immersed in the soundscapes presented across its four tracks.

While not too much is known about CASTER, after listening through the Black Sands EP it’s clear to see that they are on a trajectory to dominating the music scene. We’re excited to see what they come up with next. Make sure you stream the EP, let us know your thoughts on his music in the comments, and read on for my take on the EP!

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Black Sands begins with the monstrous tune, “Ishtar”!

Ishtar” is the perfect song to kick Black Sands off with. The track begins with a simple, yet ominous melody that soon builds up into a colossal drop. The bass-driven banger will immediately sweep you away with how heavy and dark it is. “Ishtar” also highlights CASTER’s incredible production ability with how crisp and clean everything sounds.

The next track on the EP, “Ifrit” continues the energy with distinctive drum-patterning and massive energy. CASTER sure does know how to build up hype within a tune! If you are beginning to wonder where CASTER came up with the names of his songs, they are all based on ancient Egyptian mythology. Continuing with this theme is “Khnum,” a track that displays bone-chilling synths paired up with thriving basslines. The song progressively gets more intense, leaving listeners in a state of awe once the entire tune is over!

CASTER saved the best for last with “Curse of the Silk Road.”

If you thought the previous tracks were hard, you will be in for a treat when listening to “Curse of the Silk Road.” The track spans three different genres which truly shows listeners just how versatile this producer is. The first drop presents wild and heavy dubstep, the middle drop effortlessly transitions into psytrance, while the third and final drop of the tune ends the track with lush melodic bass elements. What a fantastic way to close out the release.

CASTER – Black Sands EP – Tracklist

  1. Ishtar
  2. Ifrit
  3. Khnum (feat. Earthlinger)
  4. Curse of The Silk Road
Black Sands - Caster

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