Lucii Releases ‘Wicked’ Sophomore EP on WAKAAN


Let Lucii put you under a “Spell” and dance under the moonlight to four brand new tracks with her Wicked EP that’s out now on WAKAAN.

Lucii has slowly been rising up in the dance music scene, especially since being taken under the wing of Liquid Stranger and his WAKAAN imprint. Her first self-release, Abduction came out in 2018 and since then she’s gained a loyal following of aliens that love her weird, bass-filled tunes it became clear that Lucii is here to stay. Now, she’s dropped her debut EP on the beloved label, Wicked, just in time for all things spooky this season.

The rising star has made some waves this year, already collaborating with artists Champagne Drip and Sam Lamar. But now she puts her dynamic style on display with her sophomore EP that features an array of sounds from her signature alien bass to midtempo and even a heavy dubstep collab with Point.Blank.

Get ready to be taken on a journey through space and sound. You might even find some ghosts and ghouls on your adventure while listening to Lucii’s new EP, Wicked.

Lucii casts a “Spell” and pulls listeners in immediately with the first track off Wicked. The track is full of distorted bass, heavy drops, and her vocals from the artist herself. “Till The Day I Die” sounds like it was heavily influenced by Rezz when the kicks came in. The track flows along nicely with Lucii’s weirder bass style while also layering in some mellow vibes for good measure to mix mid-tempo and thicker bass together.

Next up is a real filthy collab “Wonky” with dubstep producer Point.Blank, and from start to finish the two artists show no mercy with this track. This was definitely a new ballpark for Lucii, but her signature alien sounds combined with Point.Blank’s heavy bass molded together to create a really fun banger. Last but not least, she wraps up Wicked with “Vibe.” Just like the name, this is a track you can sit back, relax and vibe to. “Let the melodies take control” and let your soul fly away to a parallel universe where you can dance on the stars and let your worries fade. Big ups to Lucii on this release, it is always wonderful seeing women thrive in this community doing what they love.

Listen to Wicked on your favorite music platform and let Lucii take you on a journey with her new music and let us know what you think of these four new tunes in the comments!

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Lucii – Wicked – Tracklist:

  1. Spell
  2. Till The Day I Die
  3. Wonky feat Point.Blank
  4. Vibe

Lucii Wicked EP

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