Autograf Makes Waves with Debut Album, ‘The Ace of You’


Autograf’s debut album, The Ace of You, is the perfect balance of fresh sounds and their classic uplifting beats.

The tropical house day-party tastemakers of Autograf, Mikul and Louis, mark a new chapter in their musical careers today with the release of their debut album, The Ace of You. The duo wrote this album around the idea that life is like a deck of cards. By this, they mean that you can’t control what hand you’re dealt, but you can control what you do with the cards in your hand. When it comes down to it, life is about the moves you make with what you have and the people you meet along the way.

After facing their own challenges in life and transformations in their careers, this album marks a new beginning for the duo. Based on the magic we’ve heard in this album, we couldn’t be more excited for them and what lies ahead. But for today, we’ll be basking in the beats of The Ace of You. Vibe out with us and listen to the album below, and get to know the boys behind Autograf on a whole new level.

Download or stream The Ace of You on Spotify or on your favorite platform, check out our interview with Autograf for more insight, and read on for a deep dive into the album!

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The Ace of You starts off with a heavenly sound at the beginning of the first track, “If You Never Loved Me.”

The opening of “If You Never Loved Me” sounds like the music that would play at the gates of heaven. This ethereal tone sets us up to expect, and get excited about, hearing something a little different from the normal Autograf we’re used to. The beat carries us throughout the song as we drift into one of the first songs that were released off the album, “I’ll Walk With You.” The pace picks up, but the deep, emotional foundation they laid in the previous tune persists. This track will remind you of how beautiful it is to give and receive unconditional love. 

The dreamy vibes keep coming with “Wheel of Fortune.” Unlike many of the other tracks on the album, this song has no discernible lyrics, which leaves the true meaning to the listener to ascribe. I appreciate that because if at any time in your life you feel like you’re about to spin the wheel of fortune and leave your fate up to the universe or some higher power to decide, it’s nice to allow the music to naturally flow into and fill that emotional space in your life. 

Then, Autograf keeps emotions high with “Take You to the Moon.”

A big theme in this album is love – whether that love is between friends, lovers, or family. This song specifically details a magical, intimate feeling that you feel for the most special people in your life. If you’ve ever seen a loved one struggle with something or just have a bad day, and you’ve felt the urge to whisk them away somewhere beautiful away from all their problems… you’ll connect to this song deeply. The good news is, you don’t even need to physically go somewhere to give someone that getaway. Sometimes, just looking into someone’s eyes can fly you all the way to the moon. 

Don’t worry OG Autograf fans, “Bali,” “Real,” and “Easy” come in hot with the breezy tropical house vibes.

It wouldn’t be an Autograf album without some uplifting house vibes. “Bali” features some sultry sounds that will make you feel like you’re swimming in a pool in the lush jungles of the island it’s named after. I can see this being “THE track” on everyone’s upcoming vacation videos. It makes you want to gaze at a breathtaking view in wonder, and dance around at the same time. “Real” starts off a little slower, similar to how the album begins, before then dropping listeners into a fun bouncy beat. The best of both worlds.

“Easy” is hands down my favorite track of the album. The duo wrote this song about the feelings they got when they moved to California. Everything just seemed easier and more laid back. This tune is the epitome of feeling carefree and drinking cocktails on a weekday like life is one long vacation. When it comes to life in California, they nailed it! Although this was the first song they started writing for the album, it was also the last track they finished – bringing the album creation process full circle.

Autograf pushes the envelope with the edgy track, “Divided.”

Of all the tracks on this album, “Divided” surprised me the most – and in the best way. The darker vibes are not what I expected, but it’s a solid contrast to the other songs and a great way to show off what the duo can do. The strumming at the beginning will definitely grab your attention. But soon after, we’re dropped into a dark techno vibe that will make you miss strutting into a club dressed in black from head-to-toe. Talk about a new chapter for Autograf! We hope to see lots more like this in the future. 

The final three tracks on the album, “Right Here Waiting,” “Space,” and “Ain’t Deep Enough,” round out the emotional vibes in The Ace of You.

These songs all talk about tough, universal concepts that come with deep, loving relationships. After all, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies! But these hard-to-swallow pills are wrapped in bouncy beats and beautiful melodies, which makes the emotions a little bit easier to deal with. On “Right Here Waiting,” they talk about the feeling of waiting for someone you love, even when it might feel like the hardest thing in the world for you. “Space” is kind of the other side of that coin – taking space for yourself. The upbeat feeling of this song reminds you that taking space isn’t necessarily a sad or a bad thing, just something everyone goes through once in a while.

Finally, they leave us with “Ain’t Deep Enough” featuring Jared Lee. The airy house beat and stunning, emotional vocals of this track encompass everything we love the most about Autograf. It leaves us dancing, hopeful, and happy – just how you’d expect to feel after listening to Autograf. 

The debut album from Autograf did not disappoint. The Ace Of You proves the duo is back and better than ever, and not afraid to get a little weird with things going forward. It’s an album that will have anyone dancing, singing, and crying for weeks to come, if not years, so give it a listen!

Autograf – The Ace of You – Tracklist:

  1. If You Never Loved Me (feat. Kaleena Zanders)
  2. Walk With You (feat. Janelle Kroll)
  3. Wheel of Fortune
  4. Take U To The Moon (with Nive)
  5. Bali
  6. Real (feat. Ames)
  7. Easy (feat. Papa Ya)
  8. Undivided
  9. Waiting (with Scorsi)
  10. Space (feat. Kole)
  11. Ain’t Deep Enough (feat. Jared Lee)
Autpgraf The Ace Of You

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