Brandon Lucas and Dr. Cornel West Share Inspiring Single, “Got That Hope”

Dr. Cornel West / Brandon Lucas

Brandon Lucas and Dr. Cornel West “Got That Hope” for change in the US with their latest single celebrating the origin of house music!

Over the course of this year, people around the world have made it their mission to address the inequality and injustice of Black and Brown communities. In June, the music industry showed momentous support for the Black Lives Matter movement by joining others protesting against police brutality. Now, Brandon Lucas and Dr. Cornel West look to put that message front and center with a stunning release, “Got That Hope”, an inspiring house-track that echoes the roots of the genre

Dr. Cornel West, known for his activism and perpetual efforts to help minority communities partnered with Brandon Lucas, an LA-based producer with the purpose to highlight and emphasize the origin of house music with the debut track for Purple Label Sound. The two collaborated on the idea of calling attention to the importance of people of color and the impact they have had on house music by showcasing a refined, funky single. The track

“You can’t talk about the great funk tradition without talking about house/techno music, all different kinds of bodies – straight, queer, trans, all connected through the depths of their humanity and allowing what is inside of their souls to overflowing. That is what the rave is all about. That is what the groove is all about.”

Dr. Cornel West

Out now on Purple Label Sound, “Got That Hope” is a brilliant house track that interlaces inspiring vocals with groovy soundscapes. This impressively stacked track showcases a variety of backgrounds that all connect to the birth of house music including funk, straight, gay, and queer communities. The track intends to provide the hope and understanding of the positive influences that Black culture has in America and act as a “narrative of catastrophe lyrically expressed, that does not allow catastrophe to have the last word.” 

Listen to “Got That Hope” on Spotify or your favorite platform, and let us know what your thoughts on this new tune from Brandon Lucas and Dr. Cornel West are in the comments below!

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