Galestian Brings Warmth in the Darkness on ‘Worlds Apart’


Galestian is helping underground music lovers shake those 2020 blues away with the Worlds Apart EP featuring remixes from Bonsai and Anakim!

Last we heard of many of our growing artists around the world, they hungered for the beauty of beat and encapsulated how difficult the world became after the drivel of COVID-19. The growth, while immensely difficult, has also brought forth beauty. Easily influencing that power is nomadic producer Galestian who has traveled the world seeking creativity in all the right places.

The Worlds Apart EP is the jewel of Galestian’s busy September. Nestled between releases “Divine Within” that dropped on Triation, Vol. I from Ritter Butzke Records and “Berlin” on an upcoming Zerothree EP slated for release, Worlds Apart brings five tracks in total – three originals and two remixes to the forefront. The three originals slate his signature blend of deep and progressive vibes, while the remixes capitalize on the artistic tapestry the original lays down.

Listen to Worlds Apart on Spotify below, grab a copy of the EP on Beatport or your favorite platform, and read on for a deeper look at the tracks and remixes!

Stream Galestian – Worlds Apart on Spotify:

Galestian’s originals deepen the low end and capture overwhelming emotions

Starting with the title track “Worlds Apart,” Galestian centers his strength in a strong bass element with deep progressive growling synths. This is a track one would expect on something like Drumcode or Pryda Presents – dark, focused, and full of vibes. By the break, the track’s ethnic guitar flair steps up to the plate and instantly becomes an infection. From the break, Galestian catapults the song into something John Digweed or Sasha would accelerate a darker set with. The flair… oh the flair… it will take you over!

Next up in the trio is “Mesmerised” – a techno piece through and through. Articulated and running percussion and bass patterns punctuate all the right spots – energy is there through and through. This track reminds me of ones from my youth – full of atmosphere and driving ever upward. It tugs on the legacy of Remy and Roland Klinkenberg but retains the feeling of the present. The soft plucked lead enchants the ears equally and recalls the beauty found on Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack – stunning. There is something special in the arrangement of elements here – so give it a whirl or two!

Finally, we come to the closing original piece – “Odyssey.” Opening with a more organic rhythm, the track drones in the low end with another plucked melody taking the stage. There are fills that tickle the beauty in the ears and dark elements that cloud each section of the track as it progresses. The main melody dances throughout the track, grabbing at your ankles to sway across the floor. The energy bounces but never feels overwhelming. Just gold throughout.

On the remix tip are the US DJ/Production duo Bonsai and rising star Anakim.

Bonsai tackles the title track with a dark, brooding progressive feel that maintains the core but touches it up with some amazing atmospherics. The haunting vocal elements in this work are memorable for both the drone and the elements they provide in transitions. Anakim tackles the final track with a remix that hones itself on big kicks, broader synthesizer choices, and layered elements. This remix is a peak-hour techno floor filler without the need for catchy vocal hooks or an overbearing melody. It simply drives.

Worlds Apart exudes exactly what we need right now!

Galestian certainly made this for fans that love the darker blends of techno, melodic house, and progressive house. There are melodies in each piece, but none of them offer the “hum while your out” catchy bits of the biggest names in the genre. This is an EP for the deeper generation – the ones who want to gravitate towards the latest musical styles taking over the global market, the ones who think beyond the biggest names in the business, the ones who support the scene’s growth. Take the plunge – you will enjoy it!

Galestian – Worlds Apart EP – Tracklist:

  1. Worlds Apart
  2. Mesmerised
  3. Odyssey
  4. Worlds Apart (Bonsai (US) Remix)
  5. Odyssey (Anakim Remix)
Galestian - Worlds Apart EP

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