Gem & Tauri Release Stunning Debut EP ‘All You Need’

Gem & Tauri - All You Need - EP
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Gem & Tauri put a stake in the ground and are claiming space in the scene with their beautiful debut EP All You Need on Ophelia Records.

Gem & Tauri is a twosome that the dance community is still getting to know that marries the minds of Courtney Simmons and Emma Montalvo. For those unfamiliar with the duo, they both have a special connection to the legend himself, Seven Lions. Simmons is a veteran in the dance community, and Montalvo is the creator of Front of House Wife clothing with an impressive resume in dance music.

Since the start of the pandemic, Gem & Tauri have been active on Twitch with performances on Fridays and brunch sets that have been a dream. In addition, they’ve played sets on Seven Lions’ livesteam event series, Visions, and created beautiful havoc during the special showcase on Insomniac TV at The Gorge as well.

Ophelia Records is definitely keeping its promise to make room for diverse acts that bring something fresh to the table. Together, Gem & Tauri created a six-track EP with features from HALIENE, Fiora, and Jared Lee. All You Need is the first, I repeat, first true house project on the label. And it’s the perfect blend of melodic house and techno with an essence of progressive and deep house, too.

Listen to All You Need on Spotify below, download or stream the release on your preferred platform, and read on for my thoughts on the EP out now on Ophelia Records.

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All You Need provides instant gratification with the opening track “Call Me Home” featuring HAILENE.

Let’s be honest, anything that HALIENE touches turns into magic. She’s one of the best singer/songwriters in dance music and can reach notes that I didn’t know were possible. Her harmonies are flawless and she never disappoints. “Call Me Home” is smooth and gentle. It’s the appetizer to what All You Need has to offer, and sets the tone. The melodic house dominates in a beautiful fashion and showcases the talent of both ladies.

Prepare for the overwhelming sensation of euphoria on “All You Need” featuring Fiora.

The structure of “All You Need” is glorious. The blissful piano chords and heavenly melody induces a trance-like state as Fiora dream-like vocals sing the words. The combination of everything elevates the song to a level beyond imagination. Gem & Tauri definitely have the melodic tones down as “All You Need” is fluid and flows effortlessly from start to finish.

The buildups are the most beautiful as it generates a feeling of peace as the piano carries the weight into the drop. The drop will leave you speechless. I could feel serotonin erupting in my brain instantly creating happiness. I kept coming back to this song in particular because there’s something truly special about it. From the production to the vocals, everything about “All You Need” is pure perfection, this is the kind of song that will make you shed happy tears on the grass at EDC’s cosmicMEADOW stage.

The simplicity of “Heroes” with Arpyem and Jared Lee is magnetic and delicious.

Even though the song itself is simple, the intimacy of the track is magnetic. You can feel the energy pouring out. It’s projecting all the feels. The angelic vocals of Jared Lee made my body shiver as he effortlessly sings on top of the melody. As he sings the powerful lyrics, it feels as if he’s singing directly to you. It generates a feeling of motivation and inspiration, something that we can all use. The bridge of the song is the best part, it sounds as if you’re sliding down a warped spiral. Although it’s such an odd sound, it sounds so beautiful at the same time.

“Dusk” speaks for itself with an influential melodic production.

Words can’t describe the divinity of “Dusk.” It’s the only song on the EP without vocals, and it doesn’t need them because it showcases the talent and skills of Gem & Tauri. You can feel their duality, their chemistry, and their connection. The song tells a beautiful story that starts off mellow and evolves into something more forceful. The climax is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Just like “All You Need,” “Dusk” stimulates a trance-like state. It’s definitely my favorite track on the entire EP. You know what they say, they saved the best for last.

All You Need how you make an entrance. This is how you make an introduction. This is how you put your stake in the ground.

All You Need is a magical debut of Gem & Tauri. If you’ve watched the twosome perform together then you know their chemistry is unmatched. For those who haven’t, you’re in luck. You can see Gem & Tauri throw down on Saturday, September 19 during a special edition livestream of Visions. You can expect the pair to play their specialty, melodic house. The lineup includes the women of the hour, Gem & Tauri, Seven Lions, Grum, and Qrion.

Gem & Tauri – All You Need – Tracklist:

  1. Call Me Home (feat. HAILENE)
  2. All You Need (feat. Fiora)
  3. Heroes
  4. Dusk
  5. Call Me Home (feat. HAILENE) (Extended Mix)
  6. All You Need (feat. Fiora) (Extended Mix)
Gem and Tauri - All You Need - EP Cover Art

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