Marbs Takes Us ‘Beyond The Wall’ with New EP


Marking his first solo dive on the label since Desert Hearts Black emerged from the dark depths of the underground, Marbs presents Beyond The Wall!

It has been just over a year since Desert Hearts Black appeared, driving our musical journey further beyond the twilight hours while serving up deep melodic techno flavors with class and maturity. For Marbs, this started off as a family affair, releasing alongside Evan Casey and Rinzen on Torus while offering up a platform for likeminded artists to express the darkest side of their musical imaginationFor the first time since inception, Marbs has chosen to fly solo, unleashing the brilliant Beyond The Wall EP!

Beyond the Wall’ is a metaphor for us getting past our ‘walls’, masks, layers … peeling back the onion if you will. It has been a theme for me during the quarantine. It’s been a time of reflection.

– Marbs

Beyond The Wall features three tracks, one of which places Desert Hearts regular Andreas Henneberg on remix duties, for a body-rocking leap into the shadow soaked corners of the underground. The inspiration for the EP comes from a few different angles, merging the quarantine experience with the culmination of sounds Marbs has developed throughout the years while pushing past every boundary. Together, his vision forms a package that is both fierce in detailed production elements and emotionally mesmerizing in its delivery. 

Purchase or stream Beyond The Wall on your favorite music platform, listen below, and then continue on for my take on the EP!

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Marbs inspires us to push beyond our own limitations with title track “Beyond The Wall.”

There is nothing more satisfying than music with clear cut inspiration. Knowing where Marbs’ head was at during the production of this track has helped paint a picture of our beloved producer traveling down a dark and winding path on his quest to find the freakish spirit within. I can almost imagine every personal challenge being met head-on as the crisp techno kick represents forward momentum.

As the bassline swirls and whirls below the gritty top-end details, the mind becomes intoxicated with a flood of euphoria. There is certainly no denying the psychological effects born from a hellish techno design. And with spine-tingling lyrics to kidnap our focus, this track reminds me just how deep Marbs can go. Without a doubt, what lies beyond the wall is something that Marbs will continue to explore with determination and focus.

My whole goal was just to make music that was different than what I’ve made prior. Without the influence of tour and dancefloors, I wanted to see where the process took me

– Marbs

Born quickly after the start of the pandemic lockdown, “Something For Nothing” pushed Marbs to look beyond the borders of the dancefloor.

The result of his mind-expanding journey sees us looking face to face with the most intimate portions of Marbs’ soul. “Something For Nothing” grasps onto echoing distortions, releases blips and blasts of futuristic sound design, and welcomes waves of supersonic melody. This track just may be one of the most interesting tracks I have heard in quite some time.

I feel that this track has raised the bar not only for Marbs but for any producer who follows after. It makes a bold statement, instigating an idea that you never have to be confined within a box of your own creation. You can always break free. You can turn the volume up on the ultra-creepy and outrageous and pull out a stunner of a track, flinging you into the deepest layers of creative expression.

Rounding out an astonishing EP, Andreas Henneberg takes his place “Beyond The Wall”

We have reached a fork in the road where we are picked up by the incredibly talented Andreas Henneberg. Heading down a slightly brighter path, he allows “Beyond The Wall” to sparkle with tripped out peak hour flair. Vastly different than the original, I find that the key to the emotion locked within this rendition lies in the bouncy uplift of the rhythm. Staying fun and fresh as it balances out the darker elements.

The most recognizable element inspired by the original is found in the lyrics, although the voice has been altered to match the melodic overtones. What’s so special is that the vocal seamlessly melts into pockets of morphing sound structures, making this rendition pop with intrigue. I just love what Henneberg has done with this track, pulling us up from hell’s doorstep and into a subdimension of his own design to bring this listening experience to a close.

Marbs - Beyond The Wall

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Maria first fell in love with electronic music in the early 2000's when she heard a little tune called "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi. Since then she has dived headfirst into the scene and has become wildly passionate about the trance, techno, and tech house genres. Festival's like EDC, Dreamstate, and Dirtybird Campout hold the key to her soul and dance music will always and forever be a major part of her life.

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