Water Spirit Sparks a Fire with Their Hardcore Summer Mix

Water Spirit

Water Spirit doesn’t hold back with this fiery, high-energy summer mix filled with some of the best tracks in the hard dance scene.

What does it mean to live the hardcore life? For many, it’s about throwing down tracks with crazy fast BPM and playing off the sound of the crowd. For rising star Water Spirit it’s definitely about these elements along with having their hands on every creative aspect of their music – from the music to the artwork, visuals, and beyond. There is no question that they are dedicated to their craft which is why they exude authenticity and realness from every aspect of their being.

Water Spirit is one of the artists coming out of the United States that is making a big splash in the scene. Being queer and gender-fluid in the world of hardcore has garnered them the motto, “There’s nothing more hardcore than being unapologetically yourself!” If you’ve listened to their tracks such as “Tailwhip” and  “Aries” which is a massive 200 BPM tune, it’s clear that they are not about holding back at all. In addition to fiery music, they are known for the visual splendors that go along with each track. Wanting complete creative control of everything associated with their brand, they are a jack of all trades as they create their own artwork and visuals.

Riding a wave of support from other renowned artists such as Porter Robinson and Lil Texas, along with millions of plays on TikTok and gracing the virtual stage of festivals such as Fire Fest and Mine Gala, it’s clear that Water Spirit is going to be one of the next big hardcore acts to come out of the US. Take a listen to this hardcore mix and let us know what you think of their sound in the comments!

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  1. Nonsens- Next Gear
  2. Warface & D-Sturb – Hit The Ground
  3. Aamourocean- UNDRGRND
  4. Angerfist & MC Nolz – The Deadfaced Dimension
  5. Dither – Blow the Speakers
  6. Dither – Kick It
  7. Crypton – The Next Level (ft. kcentric)
  8. Nonsens – Maximized
  9. Mike Cervello & The Galaxy – Luxor pt. 2
  10. Himera – Remember (Shinsei hard flip)
  11. Star & vvl- Hard Psy
  12. Tracy – Like a farmer (Dj Happy Hardcountry edit)
  13. Water Spirit – ID
  14. Water spirit & Lil Texas – ID
  15. Crypton – Illusions
  16. Frenzy – Cloud Nine
  17. Water Spirit – Aries

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Abisola has been listening to electronic music since middle school. Though she enjoys a variety of sub-genres she currently mainly listens to trance and hard dance. Abisola has attended multiple events in the Southern California region and is beginning to expand to out-of-area and international festivals. She is a full-time school psychologist and also enjoys eating, traveling and video games.

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