Mark Sherry, Scot Project & David Forbes Join Forces on ‘Prism Volume 3’

Mark Sherry, David Forbes & Scot Project - Outburst presents Prism Volume 3

Three trance legends join forces for the latest Prism compilation from Outburst Records, opening the gates to the core energy of the genre!

Immediacy has its benefits in the music market of the here and now internet age. Instant satisfaction made us fans fickle and run to the next hit of dopamine from artists we follow. Forgive the staff behind Outburst Records – they realize that the Prism series disappeared for a bit too long. In 2020, Mark Sherry decided the time was ripe yet again for another iteration of the series – now at Volume 3. Mark’s focus was not only on managing the operations of the label but also on supporting his debut artist album, Confirm Humanity. With that now behind him, he took the reins and guided Prism Volume 3 into a three-mix behemoth.

First, Mark Sherry took on the creative mixing he is known for during mix one. Twenty-three hard-hitting techy trance cuts make the mix a storm of energy. He captivates with works from his own hands, with two tracks from his collaboration with David Forbes as Thick as Thieves, and with a selection from his other collaboration Gentech – with Scot Project. You’ll find works by Systembreaker, Peetu S, and Joint Operations Centre as well. There’s even a sneaky remix of Maruo Picotto slipped into the middle of the mix.

Speaking of Scot Project – he takes the lead for the second mix. Twenty-five tracks cater to the energetic rave sounds of his sets in this mix. No less than four of his original works make an appearance in some form – but the call-outs to other artists will no doubt surprise. Genix opens the mix, while Junk Project (a rebirth of a 1990’s era trance group) pops up. Energetic trance driver Sneijder teams with Billy Gillies for a spell, while Sam Jones and Sholan both cater to the new range of fans. Most interesting is the inclusion of a mega-collaboration from Vini Vici, Shapov, and NERVO, and then the closing track as a selection from hard dance shocker Zatox.

Finally, the third mix pops out from David Forbes. David likewise showcases plenty of his own handiwork – four collaborations (two as Thick as Thieves, the other two a collaboration with Paul Denton and a collaboration with Lostly) as well as four originals as a solo artist. Interspersed within are a smattering of others to round out the shortest number of tracks: only fifteen here. Shugz and Ashley Smith will be familiar to newer fans in the genre, Sneijder makes yet another appearance, and a few new names ought to melt some minds with David’s powerful storytelling.

In all, the talent that crafts the sonic journey of Prism Volume 3 grabs the beast by the horns and lays down their talents to make your speakers tremble with mighty beats. Gets your dancing shoes on, gravitate beyond the norm, and grab your copy on the platform of your choice by clicking this link!

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Mark Sherry, Scot Project, & David Forbes – Prism Volume 3 – Tracklist:

Disc 1 – Mixed by Mark Sherry
  1. Mark Sherry & KETNO – Space Monkey (Tea Vuckovic Remix)
  2. Thick As Thieves – Tingles
  3. Thick As Thieves – Collide (Peter Fern Remix)
  4. A*S*Y*S – Acid Wall
  5. Thick As Thieves – Lysergic
  6. Mark Sherry – Fire & Brimstone
  7. Mark Sherry – Total Eclipse
  8. Will Rees – Candy Jack
  9. Richard Durand – Perseverance
  10. Pulp Victim – The World (Mark Sherry Remix)
  11. Dominant Space – Acid Rave
  12. Systembreaker – Porcupine
  13. Mauro Picotto – Like This Like That (Richard Tanselli Remix)
  14. Mark Sherry & Richard Durand – Cosmic Dawn (Systembreaker Remix)
  15. Ciaran McAuley & Clare Stagg – All I Want (Mark Sherry Remix)
  16. Systembreaker – The End Of The World
  17. Ariel – A9 (BIG CMV Remix)
  18. Scot Project – O [Overdrive] (Mark Sherry’s Acidburst Remix)
  19. Richard Tanselli – Wake Up!
  20. Kriess Guyte – Rudeboy
  21. Peetu S – Infected Sector
  22. Joint Operations Centre – Meraxes
  23. Gentech – Change Your Heart
Disc 2 – Mixed by Scot Project
  1. Genix – Rave Daze
  2. Nikhil Prakash – Momentum
  3. 2sher & Chris de Seed – Welcome Home
  4. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Genix Remix)
  5. Junk Project – Brightness [2K20] (T78 & MOTVS Remix)
  6. CYB – Now (Drumcomplex Remix)
  7. Scot Project – M [Metropolis]
  8. Scot Project – H [Hypnotize]
  9. Scot Project – FM [Feeling Me] (Shugz & David Rust Remix)
  10. Scot Project – S [Outer Space] (D10 Remix)
  11. Skysurfer – Colors (Wavetraxx Remix)
  12. Sneijder & Billy Gillies – Rhino
  13. Sam Jones – Because Of You
  14. Darren Hall – Got 2 Keep
  15. Adrenaline Dept. – U Got 2 Be There
  16. Kinetica & Inversed – Amphetamine
  17. Dave Steward – Planters Prism
  18. Liam Melly – PowerTrip
  19. Renegade System – When I Rock
  20. Sholan – Savage System
  21. Jan Vervloet vs DJ Ghost – Super Dry
  22. H! Dude – Sexual Destruction
  23. Vini Vici vs Shapov vs NERVO – My World
  24. Black XS – Il Gato
  25. Zatox – Let Me See Ya
Disc 3 – Mixed by David Forbes
  1. Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000 (Thick As Thieves Remix)
  2. Sebrof & DMCK – Phenomenon
  3. Thick As Thieves – Brain Control
  4. David Forbes & Lostly – In My Mind
  5. David Forbes – The Music
  6. David Forbes – Evolution Of Dance Music
  7. David Forbes – Hold Me
  8. Mickey Marr – Annihilation
  9. Shugz – La Bomba
  10. Jardin – 82
  11. Sneijder – Chuck Norris
  12. Sharkey & McFalane – ZEPHYR
  13. David Forbes & Paul Denton – Format
  14. Ashley Smith – Rock the Beat
  15. David Forbes – TimeWarp
Mark Sherry, David Forbes & Scot Project - Outburst presents Prism Volume 3

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